Zeinab parasite, and unfortunately the parasite led to death



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Assessment Question 202

            For this assignment I chose to write
about module 2 which was “A Rebirth of Light for an already dark world?”  I found this module to be so interesting for
some reason. The material that was covered in it brought so much to my
attention, art, literature, and even religion and so much more. I do want to
touch on these topics because they did play out a big role throughout that
period of time in history.  So, around
the 1330s when the weather got really cold in Northern Asia all grassland
suffered, and most used herbs became so rare to be found. These people were seeking
warmth environment, so they started moving up to places where they can plant
out all of their herbs again. Most of these people were eating rats and mice to
consume some of the supplements that were needed for their diets, but around
1330s a certain group of rats that they were eating carried a parasite, and
unfortunately the parasite led to death of so many people. This was called the
Black Death. Things got even worse when it started spreading to Christian and
Islamic ports due to infected cargos in harbor areas and neighboring ships.

            This caused so many deaths to a
point where 90% of populations in cities where perished. Where it caused
religion and even culture to suffer too, bishops and priests ended up dead just
for serving their duties, the remaining ones ran just so they can save
themselves from what was happening.  This
resulted in secularizing the church where Europe had three different popes who
were competing against each other, there was one in Rome, one in France and
another one in northeastern part of Spain. 
This period of time became so dark, and yet it was the period of history
to when rebirth happened. With all the death that happened and secularization
within religions that divided a lot of people, the rebirth made people eager to
live and love life again despite what have happened to them.  Because of the tragic event the took place
“Black Plague” wiping out most of the population in the cities that were
involved in. People found that religion was the only thing that they could rely
on even though most of them thought that God was punishing them. Religion was
their everything and even in present time it still is to most people, religion
is still important in people’s lives. Some find happiness in it, to some it is
a way to reach out for those who they are longing for, others for appreciation
that they’re getting to live day by day happily with their loves ones.

            The rebirth changed peoples to be
motivated and to look at life in a different perspective and to appreciate it
more, to know how to love and live, and to know that they can prove that they
can do anything possible for themselves. After the disease outbreak and the deaths,
people came to a realization that they needed to change in order to gain
happiness. The rebirth led people to not be greedy or to be selfish towards
anyone. The rebirth is credited for the major works that happened such as art,
literature, architecture, and even music. These works specifically inspired
people to live and love life and enjoy each moment of it to the fullest. The
rebirth was a way for people to forget and to keep their mind off the
destruction and death that happened, so in a way the rebirth was the light
found at the end of the tunnel for that dark period of time in history.

            The rebirth shifted all of the people’s focus on art, and
humanities, while religion kept individuals to stay hopeful and always be
thankful even when they are at their worst. While on the other hand art, music
and literature did not really happen until the black death occurred.  This brought joy and happiness into people’s
lives and gave them another chance to live life. While also the rebirth gave
people the opportunity to see the beauty of things in art, where art also
emerged in the churches architecture to show people how wonderful and beautiful
it is to always be optimistic.

rebirth was the period of transition from an ancient world to a better one
which will be a modern world, that would spot the light on the successful
developments in art, literature, architecture, culture, religion philosophy,
music, technological advancements and so many more things. These left their own
unique imprints and left their impressions on society that later  would become the most important elements in
our modern world.


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