You soft and round. When the beard grows, there



You decide to grow
a beard. Beard can offer a lot of your looks for sophistication, but it can
also have drawbacks. If you do not know how to care for it, you may be
tormented by an unpleasant beard itch. This short guide will help you
understand why your beard is being touched and at the same time teach you how
to get rid of itching.



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Not all beards are
created equally – some beards can iterate more than others. For many, beard
itching can become unbearable, even forgoing a bearded look forever. But wait!
Put the razor in place!

There are many
reasons why your beard can be itchy. Finding a problem can stop it.


Most beards are
itching when starting to grow it, because too much shaving year your skin is
used to be without a beard.

If you never have
to scatter, every tip of the beard’s hair is like a conical shape, which makes
it soft and round. When the beard grows, there is no friction with hair
follicles and no irritation. However, when shaved, the razor blade cleaves the
hair at a sharp angle, which can cause skin irritation when growing. This
problem may be even worse if you choose to shave well, because the shaving
angle is sharper and tighter. High quality razors, shaving brushes and shaving
facilities for close shaving, raise skin from the skin, creating a cleaner

This would not be
a problem if you are constantly shaken, but if you decide to grow a beard, the
sharp edges of the hair under the skin irritate the hair follicles. They come
in contact with the skin from the bottom and this causes skin irritation. And
it does not happen with just one hair follicle, but with all sorts of it. And
it’s very unpleasant.

Itching usually
takes place at the third growing week, so lock it! Your beast will be worth it.


Unfortunately, not
only the new beard is itching.

There are many
reasons why full-grown beards are itchy, but the most common ones are dry skin
or coarse hair (or both).

Bearded hair,
especially rough and hard hair, will constantly rub in your skin when you move.
It can cause itching and irritation even for well-moisturized skin, but if your
skin is dry, it becomes a double problem.

Dead skin cells
are constantly eroding from your face (nasty, but it’s true), but if you have a
beard, they can get stuck in it. Dry skin further exacerbates the situation as
more dead skin cells accumulate. It causes persistent skin pruritus.

But do not worry.
We have some tips to help you stop the beard’s itch, make life easier and keep
your stylish, masculine look alive.




Percy Nobleman
Beard Washer.

If you can prevent
stinging dead skin cells on your face then it’s less likely to have itchy
beard. Washing a beard every day (or every few days) is a great solution.

However, beard
hair is not the same as the hair on your head, I’m sure you’ve noticed. It is
an androgenic hair, which means that it depends on the amount of testosterone
in the body. They grow differently than hair on their heads – they are often
denser and more prickly. If you use shampoo or soap that is not created for
this type of hair, it will remove the natural oils that are needed for the
beards to stay healthy. Ordinary soap drains the skin under the hair, resulting
in problems with dead skin cells and skin itching.

Instead of a
regular soap or shampoo, use a special beer-created detergent. It is designed
for both your beard and facial skin.

(We especially
recommend Percy Nobleman Beardwash because of its natural composition, thick
consistency and a pleasant citrus scent.)



Rock” Original beard oil.

Conditioning is
designed to irrigate the very beard. We’ve mentioned that itching can be caused
by rough hair that is rubbing your skin. Beard conditioner softens beard hair.
It not only stops the beard’s itch, but also creates a softer, more controlled
beard appearance, which makes your beard look beautiful!

All this can be
achieved with special beard oils or beer balms. Oils and balsams are designed
to moisturize both your beard and the skin behind it, which is also very
important. Many bearded oils or balsams can ease the growth of the beard,
helping your beards grow faster and denser. They also help shape a beard!



Comb with beard or

Beard combing is a
detail that people often look at, but it has many benefits. Combing helps bears
look soft, controlled, and also “learned” to grow their hair in the
right direction. Beard combing also helps to remove dirt from your beard, which
accumulates throughout the day.

You should comb
the beard before and after washing. Comforting before beard washing removes
dirt and skin cells, and combing after beard washing


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