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Yang TaoDecember 7, 2017PE – MatrangaPeriod A4Benefits of ExerciseThere are multiple mental, physical, and emotional benefits that regular, consistent exercise provides. Those contribute to more the reason which one should exercise regularly and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle by implementing exercise into their daily schedule/routine.Mentally, physical activity can benefit you by decreasing the severity of your depression, anxiety, or ADHD. Because exercise lets you get all your energy out and use it in focusing on the present and not about due dates, deadlines, or judgements, one would naturally be able to focus and concentrate better on a task, and think clearly and quickly after getting all excess energy out of their system. Exercise also improves memory, prevents unnecessary and unhealthy stress, and increases confidence in oneself. This is very beneficial and helpful because increased confidence is linked with better performance and higher quality work, thus study sessions become more efficient and gain you better grades. Clearing the mind after a long workout is a relief to many, pushing out all sources of stress to focus on heart rate as the adrenaline courses through their veins.Physical benefits of constant exercise include a lengthened life expectancy, decreased risk of high blood pressure, enhanced appearance, and reduced risk for type 2 diabetes, some forms of cancers, heart diseases, strokes, and osteoporosis- when your bones are fragile or brittle due to the lack of calcium or vitamin D, or as a result of hormonal changes. Exercise also reduces colds and the flu, along with improving your sleep quality and helping you fall asleep faster. Sleeping more and having good sleep quality allows you to wake up in the morning, refreshed and ready to follow through with your daily tasks in a positive mindset. To gain muscle mass and definition, one must exercise. With increased exercise and a stronger body, you’re able to finish a wider variety of activities in multiple areas of your life. For example, if one exercises by learning sports, they can participate in more after they grasp the concepts and rules, allowing them to engage in more social activities. Along with the previous example, if someone has increased in their power, speed, and endurance through consistent exercise, they are able to fight or run if immediate danger is near or they are faced with danger; this can potentially save that own person’s life, or help them save someone else.Physical activity boosts overall mood and has many other emotional health benefits. The brain is stimulated to release endorphins throughout the body, which is a chemical that makes one feel good. People exercise for different reasons and some use physical activity to calm themselves down when feeling angry, letting out their pent up frustration and energy in a way that is unharmful to anyone, including themselves. It gives you increased self esteem- as you continue to get faster and stronger, making progress. Self esteem is boosted in feeling that sense of achievement and realizing that you have the capability to go through with things and accomplish goals that you set. Setting goals is a main part of the process in increasing your self esteem. Short term goals allow you to feel good about yourself and become more motivated to finish them in order to set new goals. However, long term goals are also great in the sense to see how much improvement has occurred and taken place in months or even years. Thus, in conclusion, exercise is very important and everyone should make an effort to exercise often, regularly, and consistently. With exercise, comes abundant benefits that can aid you all throughout your life.


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