Yahoo password for your account. This may remain for

Yahoo is not
just a free search engine but a box of wonders that can provide multiple
features on the go. With just one click you can connect with the world. Isn’t
it amazing?

A free mail
service of Yahoo made communication so effortless that even kids before
completing their elementary education have Y-mail ids.

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Just think, before going out of our house,
we lock it with a key. We specifically put grills as well as steel gates before
our houses even if we use lock and key. Why? It’s just because we want it to be
safe from thieves hence, we apt additional security.


In the same
way, our Yahoo mail service provider needs to be secured with additional
security to prevent it by the attacks of cybercrimes as well as hackers that
are trying their best to malfunction as well as corrupt the internet security
and safety.  It is important to generate
2 step verification for Yahoo so that if one login to his/her id from the third
party PC, the id doesn’t get corrupted.

You can also
have few tips as well as keep your password more secured by reaching Yahoo Technical Support. We are ready
for your reference.

How to set it?

Go to your email
account and sign in to your security page.

You need to find the
toggle button and switch to ON mode which is positioned next to the
confirmation of 2-step.

It is important to
add your personal information in this step. So add your contact number in it
and hit on the button verify me.

You will an option
of either sending up the text message or to call on the number.

Enter the One-time
password for your account. This may remain for only few moments.

You can make app
password or hit on skip for now option to complete the process.


Why we use it?

This is a
multi-layer verification that helps securing your account.

It basically checks
if your identity is legitimate.

Less Prone to data

It must be inclusive


Security Question

Pin code

Usernames and passwords do not cut anymore. So it was the
need of Two-step verification that prevents fake site to enter into this barricade.
It was an attempt from the Yahoo to avoid victimization of user’s account and
to generate safety and security in the arena.


To have general and relevant answers to the needful
questions relating to Yahoo security, do not hesitate to call at Yahoo Helpline Number where our
assistants are ready to help you all round the clock.


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