Writing English as a second language was difficult for

Writing reflects our ideas. I believe that writing is a very powerful way to describe and explain difficult things. Attending Raritan Valley Community College with English as a second language was difficult for me in the beginning. When I started college I have struggled with writing and speaking. That is why I had been putting lots of efforts in English. Moreover, I have been learning new skills every day. Analyzing our strengths and weaknesses is very important in writing. I feel my greatest strength is that I like to brainstorm my idea before starting to write. This technique has helped me a lot as I can jot down new ideas which come to my mind. In addition, jotting down important points before writing help me to express my thoughts in a proper way and also take my writing in the right direction. Along with highlighting my main strength, I would also like to highlight my greatest weakness in English writing, which is vocabulary. For me, one of the hardest things is learning new vocabulary every day. By using a new vocabulary in our essay can help me to change a way of thinking and also make my writing more powerful. But poor knowledge of vocabulary, would not allow me to use strong words in my essay writing. Those weak words make my writing more weaken. For example, when I was writing essays, I would not able to write a background information about a topic, which makes me use the same words over and over again in my writing. Because of my weak writing skills, I can not get a reader’s attention as much as I want. I think being more careful in vocabulary can help me to improve my weaknesses. In addition,I need to practice more to order to reach near perfection. My biggest fear in writing comes from my lack of confidence. Because of the lack of confidence, I keep forgetting the new thoughts. I usually have so many ideas going on in my head but I don’t remember anything when I started writing. This makes me think over and over again which affects on my grades and also in my abilities. Along with my fear, I would also like to talk about my joy with my writing is a conclusion of my essay. A conclusion is the mirror of the thesis statement. Without a conclusion, our essay looks like audio without sound. For me, my biggest joy with my writing is ending of my essay because it makes me feel complete.I believe that goals are the very important thing in everyone’s life. My biggest goal for writing is getting a better command in an essay. For example, in the beginning of the semester, I often made lots of mistakes in my writing but, after some time, my goal helped me to correct my mistakes. Also, I realized that it will prepare me for the next level. Having a firm decision of goals in my life would help me to improve my skills in English.


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