World day trying to take the beach. American soldiers

World War 2 in Europe                                                        Intro It all began in 1939 WW2 had started and hitler wanted controll over the world. Im here to tell you all about WW2 and how  the war was a very bad war. It was one of the terabull wars of them all.                                                       D-DayIt was D-Day 1944 american soldiers were landing on omaha beaches in normandy france. They began landing on the beach at 6:30. American soldiers were running up the beach and getting shot at.  Only a year before in 1943 they started planning storming omaha beach. Many americans died that day trying to take the beach. American soldiers took the beach and got the germans out of france. Now im going to tell yoy about other facts. D-Day was postpone 24 hour than it was supposed to be. Soldiers were running up the beaches in hevy german gunfire. Soldiers attacked the germans in the air,sea,and land. After alot of fighting and dieng the americans took the beachs and it was a happy day for the soliders. The americans kicked to nazis but in WW2.                                                      Holocaust                            It was during the holocaust over 6 million jews were killed in the holocaust. It was getting worse they started killing little kids over 17 million have been victums here in the holocaust. Thank god people have been hiding jews in there houses. But somtimes they would get caught and be killed.                                                            Nazis The nazis have been forceing the jews to live in the ghettos and over 265,000 jews have been forced to live there. The nazis were planning to kill all of the jews in the ghettos. Hitler wanted to killed all of the jews and make sure none were left. The nazis killed millions of innocents. Hitler told the world that the jews were evil.     this picture shows hitler and nazis. The nazis were the people who started the war. They were bad people                                            Concentration camps Almost all the jews were in the concentration camps. The concentration camps were you were slaves to the nazis. If you didn’t do something they would beat you to death. They sent the jews into the gascamber were they sent poisonous gas and killed the jews. Then they burned the jews. Another thing is if they disobeyed them they would sometimes take you out to a field and got shot in the back of the head. Countries invaded by nazis Countries invaded by the nazis suffered dearly. They were treated bad and they got killed and there houses would get blown up from invasions. The nazi order took over poland in september 27th 1939. They tried to take over the world and basically killed anyone that stood in there way. They tried to invade russia. They almost succeeded until they came back with so much strength and pushed the nazis out of russia. When the japanese bomb pearl harbor it brought the US into the war and they help push the nazis out of the countries the nazis invaded. this picture shows the countrys that the nazis ivaded. The nazis killed alot of people mostly jews and they tryed to take over the world. They almost took over all of euorpe.                                                                                                                            Pearl harbor It was decmenber 7 1941 WW2 had been going on 3 years and one day. Out of nowhere japanese atack jets came out od nowwhere. They started droping bombs and fireing machine guns and the jet at the ships. Ships where on fire and some ships sunk many US. Navy soliders where injurd our dead the bombing of pearl harbor brough the US into WW2. We came back hard at the japanese and the germans.  This picture show pearl harboraffter the dissaster. Pearl harbor is what brought the US into WW2. we were trying to stay out of it intel they bomb pur ships.                                                     The fall of berlin It started on april 16 1945 russia and poland soldiers  went into berlin to stop the germans and end the war and they succeced in taking berlin out and it was like a month before the battle was over alot of people died and that was the one of the last battles of WW2.This picture shows the russians holding up there flag after the battle of beriln was over and the nazis were not rulers of beriln anymore.         concustionI recommend this article to you to learn about WW2 and what the tragedys. You should read this because you can learn somthing and get smarter this is why I recommend this article for you so read and enjoy the article.


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