Within every day, every minute and every second, for

Within a blink of an
eye, our world changes every day, every minute and every second, for the good
but also for the bad.  Rather than
adoring each other as we are equal, we are actually hating on each other. For
what reason would we be able to not all communicate without being criticized
for it? It has turned out to be such a wreck just by complimenting each other.
Is it even alright to tell somebody that you like their hair or their style? We
now have to reconsider before making an effort to telling that to another
person. All things considered, it is even hard for us to smile at somebody we
don’t know strolling down the road some place.


In this new world we
have started to identify individuals in view of how they act, their skin shade,
whether their republican or democratic, what they wear, where they live and so
many more things. Why does this world have to criticize every single thing that
we do. Why can’t we just be humans? Live our lives. Live our lives like
Americans. What is happening to our world? It is slowly falling apart. Just by
giving someone a grin is such a wrong thing to do.  

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We live in a world
loaded with hate. Several of us simply stand aside and overlook what occurs
around us. How many lives could we have saved? How many individuals wouldn’t
have had to be alone when they felt alone in a certain time? We are alert of
the children that have been bullied.


Violence has also been
a huge impact in this world we are in today. Aggression and violence is the
reality that we are in as of right now. The exposure of this violence is ridiculous,
just by kids looking at others around them, violence in video games, or even in
television has been acting out for the children that are surrounded by
violence. For example, the huge shooting attack that happened in Las Vegas
while the concert of Jason Alden was happening. In Addition, the more
aggression we see around us, is the behavior that we are leading for our


The society that we are
living in today has many disadvantages but we also have many privileges. However,
the benefits that we have now are definitely not something that anybody can
acquire easily because it required a few centuries of difficult duty and
endeavor. We have something that not many other countries have and that is
called Freedom. We had our brave soldiers fight for us and for our rights, for
example, our own religion, to express what we need to say and to arm ourselves.
Without their commitment and devotion to our nation, we would not have
everything that we have had today. Without the soldiers fighting for us and
being by our side, we wouldn’t be able to create our path to our successful career
and have had our rights or any opportunity.




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