With with quality of excellence allowing me to be

With an aim to apply science in
our daily everyday system and an inspirational dream of bringing innovation and
quality to our life, I decided to study Engineering from quite an early age of
my life. From school life when I came to know that computer now is assisting
human race in almost every sphere of life, I decided to dedicate myself in this
field. Since my childhood, I was always a person with high ambition, aiming
quality of excellence whatever work I am involved in. Early success such as
getting 87.1% and 88.7% marks in Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Higher
Secondary Certificate (HSC) Examination respectively paved my way to get
admission in Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET) in
the department of Computer Science & Engineering, which is considered to be
consisted of top 100 students of Bangladesh. I am currently studying in the
final term and will be graduating soon. Hard working and sincerity have
rewarded me with quality of excellence allowing me to be placed in the third
position out of 50 students in this department with a CGPA of 3.91 out of 4.00.


In computer science and
engineering degree at BUET, the courses cover areas on various kinds of low,
mid and high level programming languages, discrete mathematics, data
structures, digital logic design, algorithms, digital electronics and pulse
techniques, assembly language, database, computer architecture, microprocessor,
digital system design, data communication, compiler, operating systems, computer
interfacing, computer graphics, networking, pattern recognition, software
engineering, artificial intelligence and VLSI. While assimilating a tiny
portion of the world’s present knowledge in artificial intelligence, I
felt an urge to undertake research of my own and take part in the exciting
process of expanding the very frontier of knowledge. In this view I approached
to one of our renowned professor of our country, Professor Dr. Chowdhury
Mofizur Rahman. I undertook thesis project with him, which involves quite an
extensive work on “Boosting (AdaBoost & MultiBoost)” –
currently one of the successful approaches in Machine Learning. During this
working period I came to know the fascinating world of machine learning and
artificial intelligence. Moreover, in the present term, I have the course CSE
407 (Artificial Intelligence). This course opened up the wonderful realm
of it in front of me. Also, CSE 413 (Pattern Recognition) course in the last
term added more insight. I always have the desire to contribute something in
this field. This field, in its mystical way, lures me to pursue my knowledge
here. I want to see the how machine can attain the characteristics of human
brain. I want to take machine’s capability near to human as far as possible,
the ultimate eventuality of future! This led me to decide that after my
graduation I shall pursue in developing the capacity for independent research
by working closely with top-notch researchers and thus demonstrate the ability
to make an original contribution to knowledge in this field. As Neural
Network is one branch of AI so Neural Network is the branch that I want to
venture too.

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Second field in which I am
interested is Networking. In the last term, when I had to design and
implement an almost complete networking protocol, I was overwhelmed when it
came to fruition. I was mesmerized to see successful transference of file in
multiple PC connected via COM port. It really gave me pleasure and from that
very moment I wanted to endeavor this world. Another field in which I want to
devote myself is Distributed Systems & System Software. We know that
OS is the masterpiece that combines both hardware and software to run in
unison. It also handles the resource constraints, priority of each job.
Parallelism (Multi-Threading) in OS attracts me most. It takes a very
intellectual mind to manage multi threads with their due priority of management
of resources, running in parallel without conflicts without retarding the
celerity of all the threads. The intricacies and subtleties of operating
systems allures and magnetize me most to employ my effort in this field. Other
areas of study may include Database Systems, Cryptography, System Modeling
& Analysis, and Computer Architecture. These are the fields, which I
found very interesting during my under-graduation courses. So I would consider
myself to be lucky (actually it will be a dream come true) if I get the chance
to do research in your reputed department of reputed university.


I am confident that I have the
necessary motivation for research work and academic background to pursue a
successful graduate study. If I get the opportunity to work as a researcher and
a graduate student in University of Toronto, I will certainly be able to go
further to Ph.D. From my very infancy I have been cradling the dream of
obtaining a Ph.D. from one of the top universities of the world like yours. I
have the perpetual thirst of attaining knowledge, which can help me to enrich
my perception in deciphering this highly cryptic world around me. This ravenous
hunger of attainment of knowledge has kept me going and acted as the main
source of inspiration behind this brilliant result. But only obtaining
knowledge doesn’t mean anything unless it is being used for the betterment of
human race. This mental keenness of mine for graduate and doctorate study can
only be satiated once I get the opportunity to work with the reputed
researchers and scholars of University of Toronto.


I have
gathered that working as a computer scientist or engineer requires quite in
depth knowledge and understanding and a well-planned Masters Program can be
very beneficial to gain appropriate skills. Since I have already studied at the
best university in Bangladesh, a renowned overseas MS degree will be a
significant addition to my current state of knowledge and personal profile.
Moreover, I came to know about the depth and vastness of engineering
application in Canada, which is considered to be one of top leaders in
Engineering and Technological innovation in the world. All of these thoughts
and ideas collectively have developed my future aim of becoming a good
professional computer scientist and undertaking Masters program is an important
part of it. For my brilliant result in BUET I have a very bright chance to be
appointed as Lecturer of BUET. As I intend to join BUET after my MS and Ph.D.
degree as an associate professor, this knowledge would be very helpful for me
to teach my students in BUET. With the experience in research works, if I could
get any in your university, I could assist and inspire my students in
researches. I am aware that this challenge requires personal sacrifice-of time,
of unstructured leisure, of immediate rewards. The Computer Science Department
of the University of Toronto is renowned worldwide for its highly experienced
faculty members and excellent research facilities. I have carefully researched
the subject previews and course materials offered here. I found that my
background, albeit limited, would work as a good basis for me to continue my
education in the proposed fields. I hope you will review my application for
admission and provide me with the opportunity to pursue an M.S. degree leading
to Ph.D. in any one of the aforementioned branches.




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