With they may not be able to consecrate because

With attachment theory there
are strength and weaknesses. Attachment theory can be a good thing because
children should have attachment to their parents or someone they love. Children
should also have an attachment because they need to feel secure and safe when
they are with someone they know. With attachment theory children will have a
secure attachment with their caregivers. This mean that the child will only go
to one person and that person they child will trust. Children will be able to
express their feeling with whoever they trust and that means they can tell them
again. There are also weaknesses with attachment theory and they are the child
will get too attached to the parents and when the child needs to be left on
their own they will become upset and may not bond with other adults because
they have a strong attachment with the parents. With attachment theory some
children may be fear going with strangers because they have never been left
with anyone they unknown. If children are left with different strangers the
child may not know what to do because they are used to being with their
parents, this means that the child will be upset until the parents come back
and pick them up. This could affect a child’s development because they may not
be able to consecrate because they are upset and won’t socialise with anyone
else. It could also affect the child emotional development because the child
may not know who to express their feeling too.  

In my opinion I think
attachment theory is a good thing because children should have someone who they
can trust and feel secure around. This is important because the child will
learn how to care for other people as they get older they way they did. On the
other hand, I think attachment theory is not a good idea because the child will
get attached to their parents and then they will be upset when the parents
leave them. Also, the child won’t be used to being left with strangers so when
they are in the setting they wont know what to do and will be come upset and
frustrated. Some children may be attached to their parents, but they will also
stay with people they don’t know in the setting and they are fine with it. 

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