Wildlife Photography as a Career There are many jobs

Wildlife Photography as a Career

There are many jobs that you can opt for but is that job is what you were dreaming about?Your career is something you would choose for the rest of your life, no one has to choose wisely of what he is going to do for the rest of his life.  Nowadays being an engineer or a doctor is old school.  Newer generation kids are very much into jobs that are adventurous and choose jobs that they are passionate about. There are many jobs that will never leave you bored and will let you keep discovering, one of them is Wildlife photography.What is wildlife photography?As the name suggests wildlife photography means taking pictures of wildlife or animals which are not domesticated. It is also known as nature photography hence it mainly focuses on nature and wildlife.  Wildlife photography does not hold only artistic value but also great scientific value. It is one of the most adventurous careers and demands both mental and physical fitness.If you are a person who loves photography, nature and travelling; this can be a fascinating career for you.Source: i.telegraph.co.ukWhat are the eligibilities for being a Wildlife Photographer?Personal abilitiesLike any other fields wildlife photography also needs technical skills. Patience is the most required of all characteristics.  One has to be deterministic and hard working. It might at times require a lot of physical strength so one has to maintain good health. As any other good photographer people pursuing wildlife photography should have keen eyes and a good eye for hand coordination. Above all, a wildlife photographer should have great interest towards nature, wildlife and should be concerned about its welfare.EducationalDegree courses for wildlife photography are rare in India; one can pursue this career with a degree in Photography or Photojournalism or even a Diploma/Certificate course in nature and wildlife photography. There are even seminars, workshops and conferences being held on how one can pursue a career in wildlife photography.Institutes offering courses specific to wildlife photography in India are:1.            Delhi School of Photography2.            Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun3.            Bharathi Vidyapeeth: School of Photography, Pune Job aspectsTo be a photographer, any kind, in that case, one has to know too many people related to this field, he should be a socially active person and should make sure that his works get a lot of exposure. Above all, one should have a strong portfolio and should be persistent with their works. Social Media also plays an important role in this aspect of promoting your works and helps you gain a worldwide market.There are only a few job opportunities in freelancing when compared to private sectors, wildlife photographers can also be employed by various publications like newspapers and nature or travel and tourism magazines. A wildlife photographer can also join a wildlife channel or be a Photo Journalist.A wildlife photographer can also make opportunities for himself by selling his works to popular websites, art galleries, publishing companies that show interest in this field. One can also host exhibitions, competitions, and contests relating to this field. One can also use their photographs as themes for calendars, wallpapers or even launch new brands. Work environmentIt mainly depends on where you live because one can even start off in their backyards but this field requires a lot of travelling. One has to choose their destinations for the shoot based on their subject of interest. A wildlife photographer should communicate well with almost any kind of people they meet, be it socially renowned people or the natives of a forest they are shooting at. They must also understand an animal’s nature before heading for a shoot like the animal’s senses of smelling and hearing so that they do not alert animals to their presence around them. Overall wildlife photographers should have complete knowledge about their subject and destinations before the shoot.Source: http://media3.picsearch.com/is?ka-kklcfjS7JPDibVnbDAYD3yGfKGi6UNswo51KH2uM&height=341Salary and Remuneration

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One cannot expect a constant pay or income from this job as remuneration is totally unpredictable in this field. It takes time for freelancers to get decent remuneration until one finds exposure and becomes a reputing person in his field. But once you are popular you can earn a lot more than a person with a regular payroll does; it is all dependent on your talent, client list, and the exposure.


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