Wildeck’s out by a company by the name of

history can be drawn back to Williams Steel of south side Milwaukee, WI. Williams
steel was a very high-quality steel service center that manufactured steel I-beams
and tubing, which was started by a man named Herman Williams in 1944. Herman
Williams had a vision of starting a separate sector of Williams Steel and naming
it Wildeck Mezzanines. Herman started marketing this concept in which custom
designed Williams platforms, known as “Wildeck Mezzanines” became so successful
that the company could justify it becoming a separate division of Williams
Steel. In 1976, Williams Steel had to develop a separate department for creating
these Mezzanines due to the continuous demand. Williams Steel ended up calling
the new department the engineering department of Williams Steel. In 1981,
Williams Steel and the Wildeck Mezzanine engineering department were purchased
by a company named CRL, based out of Bannockburn, IL. CRL then decided to
create a new headquarters for Wildeck Inc., the new sister company to William
Steel. It is cool to note that even CRL saw the potential in the mezzanine
business, at least enough to branch out as their own company. CRL and Wildeck
were then bought out by a company by the name of Holden Industries, in which
Wildeck became “corporates” subsidiary. This buyout occurred in 2004, in which
sales dramatically increased due to the extra reinforcements and financial
backing. In 2007, Wildeck was approved to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan
(ESOP) along with the help of Holden Industries. To this day Wildeck is still a
100% employee owned business. In 2011, Wildeck purchased a company in Goodyear,
AZ known as Ladder Industries. Ladder Industries has had over 50 years of
professional experience in the art of making heavy duty industrial ladders. Not
only is Wildeck a Subsidiary of Holden Industries, now they own a company
themselves, in which Ladder Industries is the subsidiary to Wildeck Inc.
Wildeck Incorporated realized the potential in Ladder Industries due to the
fact that they can now deliver a full package, mezzanine, ladder and all.  Wildeck recently celebrated 40 years of
professional experience in the mezzanine, lift, and guarding industries, and
they are looking forward too many more years at the top of the industry in the


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