Why and this is my story of how life

Why does everyone say it’ll get better. They keep believing in it when all it’s done is beat us down but no one does anything to fight back. Life. life pushes us down but for some reason, we don’t get the memo. LIFE IS NOT THERE FOR US– it’s an illusion showing us a light at the end of the tunnel when really that’s just our death waiting for us. Hi, I’m Faith and this is my story of how life has fucked me up. It all started when I moved… It’s my first day at what I like to call, Shrew Prep and I was in the heart of Bitch City. I feel like the world is revolving around some bratty broad; I’m sitting in the aftermath throwing up over the side. Speaking of bratty broads I found the one at this school; her name is Isabella but people called her Izzy she had just about every boy wrapped around her finger and if she didn’t like you no one did. I luckily avoided her range of fire which left me unnoticed by all. You might be wondering why I didn’t try to be one of the popular ones and hang with her, well I lived that life already and it sucked you had no solid friends everyone thought they were better than you but they still wanted to be popular so in the end never left I don’t want to deal with that again. So instead of trying to rule this kingdom, my goal is to make it fall. I’ve got a plan and it’s gonna be cold and maniacal just how I like it. Sorry, no spoilers your just gonna have to wait and find out like everybody else. First, I’ve got to get in “The Group” and the easiest way in was through the stupidest one, meet Jenni, she’s sluttier than the girls in Playboy and dumber than well… a box of rocks, AKA a perfect target. Which leads me to the worst part of the planned time to play stupid and use just about every acronym in the book. “OMG your Jenni right? You are like so cool and that eyeshadow though, btw I’m Faith” and that slut just says, “We definitely need to hang sometime, like someone needs to teach ya how to do makeup, I mean your gonna have to know if you wanna hang with me see ya later babes.” *kisses* Oh I wanted to turn and punch her then and there but that’s not how you get in “The Group.” The next few days were quite boring other than me saying totally and OMG in just about every sentence, but it was all worth it when Jenni gave me her number at that moment I had become *gulp* “friends” with her. That night I took a big risk but high school isn’t long enough for me to take things slow so I invited her to a sleepover, most people would be worried about her judging their house or cars but I’m lucky for that the reason I moved was for a bigger house and nicer cars leaving me in the perfect place to impress her and hopefully meet the next level of tramps. Life seemed to be playing my cards perfectly, my parents were out of town for an anniversary trip and my brother is at his girlfriend’s house taking the next “big” step (he’s been dating her for 2 years it’s about time). The night started out perfectly getting to know each other asking about hobbies and interest. I learned she’s a cheerleader, and she learned I enjoy art but I don’t think that was because of the talk she just looked at my wall which was covered in characters and people as well as animals and phrases I wanted to remember. Then she had an idea (I didn’t know that was possible). “Let’s play a game I like to call truth or truth, it’ll help us get to know each other better but you can’t dodge any questions so it makes things more interesting. You can ask me something first, Ok?” to avoid me having to answer one specific question wrong and losing all chances to popularity I ask a vital question. “So, who do you like?” I say with an intrigued face. “I really like Anthony but don’t tell Izzy she’ll think I’m stupid for liking him, he thinks I only hook up with him for homework but really I wouldn’t choose any nerd over him.” Jenni said this with such a concern in her voice like she’s worried I would tell but also knows I won’t. Then to change topics she quickly asks. “W-who do you like?” I wanted her to know I’ll keep her secret so instead of lying I tell her the truth. “I like… Ryan.” I say this with a slight mumble because Ryan is Izzy’s boyfriend. “You mean like Ryan Ryan Izzy’s boyfriend Ryan?!” she says shocked. “Yeah, I can’t help it he’s just so… perfect I just am gonna have to believe I like my other crush over him.” I said this to get her into another topic and it worked. “Other crush?” she said with a major smirk on her face. “Yeah I also like Jack, he’s really funny and sweet.” As all this was going on I didn’t even realize how close me and Jenni got during the past week, we really because good friends she was honestly probably my best friend since I’ve moved. I felt kinda bad since this was all part of my plan to tear people like her down. I got so lost in thought I didn’t even hear jenni talking. “Faith–FAITH!” “Yeah,” “I said I wont tell your secret if you don’t tell mine, deal?” “Deal,” when I said that I felt a true connection between us a bond that couldn’t be broken. I let out a grin and that’s when Jenni screams. “PILLOW FIGHT!!!!!” she picks up a pillow and smashes it into my hip. “You’re on,” and for about fives minutes all I can see is a bunch of white feathers flying around and the pillows bashing against one another. As well as me and Jenni jokingly mocking each other about who we like. “I bet you wish you had some unfinished homework, so you can pay *wink* Anthony.” I yell so she could hear me. “I bet YOU wish Ryan was here to see you in a bra and short, shorts.” that’s what I was wearing at the moment, and honestly I kinda wish he was  here. We fell onto some pillows and burst out laughing. “Ya know I kinda feel bad for Ryan getting stuck with Izzy she can be such a jerk,” I said that completely forgetting about her relationship with Izzy and instead my own. Luckily she must have heard that before because she came back in a cincear tone. “I get some people see her as mean but that’s just because they don’t know her she can be really sweet she’s just… been through alot at her old school so when she moved here she didn’t want to go through that again which led her to think if I’m tough then now one will mess with me, she doesn’t realize that’s not true.” “I guess that makes sense but, I still think he would be better with me.” I giggled as the words came out of my mouth. That night after school, I came home to a house full of nutjobs oh did I forget to mentions life is fucked up not just at school, but at home too. I feel invisible here. My dad was always watching stupid videos on his phone even if your in the middle of a conversation with him he will just turn around and watch a video, and he asks why I hide up in my room all night. My mom is constantly yelling at someone whether it be my dad for his drinking “problem” or me for absolutely nothing (she has a really short temper). The only sane one, is my brother but he’s always either at work or Kiley’s (his girlfriend) place which leaves me defenseless. I’m also an easy target in my house because I’m the only one who can’t drive so if a friend can’t pick me up, I stuck. It’s really unfair anytime someone else gets yelled at they leave the house, not me.


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