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Who in the book Bless Me, Ultima, influenced the character, Antonio, the most? In the book Bless Me, Ultima Antonio has many influences. One of the main influencers in the book is Ultima, who is known for being a curandera, which is a healer, who comes into Antonio’s life and makes him realize many different things by influencing him. In the story, Ultima influences Antonio in many ways, but there were three main ways. Ultima is acting as a guide to Antonio because she helps him find the answers to his many questions, figuring things out about himself using religion and culture, and she also helps him figure himself out and who he wants to be.Ultima helps Antonio by being his guide and helping him know new things. Ultima shows him about the importance of nature. Ultima and Antonio had a good relationship, her and Tony would go out and look for herbs and fruits. ” Ultima cried with joy and pointed to the ripe-red prickly pears … we will eat them in the shade by the river.”(40) She also taught him how she made her herbs and her medicine. In the story, Ultima says ” You that grow well here in the arroyo … we lift you to make good medicine.”(39) She showed him how she works and had him at her side on many occasions. Such as, when Antonio’s uncle got sick because he got cursed.Ultima made sure he was there. “He is necessary”(92). They had a good bond and they did many different things that guided him throughout the story.Ultima influences Antonio is by figuring himself out. Antonio’s parents have very different perspectives on what they want Antonio to do in the future. Antonio’s mom wants him to be a priest because she and her family are very religious and calm and they want him to become a farmer because the Lunas have a farm. “It’s the blood of the Lunas to be quiet …they are quiet like the moon.”(41)  Antonio’s dad wants him to be just like him when he grows up. In the story Antonio’s father says ” Be sensible” and he says that because he says that being a priest wouldn’t be a good fit for him. He thinks he wouldn’t want to do it because he wants him to become a vaquero also known as a cowboy. ” And it is the blood of the Marez to be wild”(41) He is being torn apart by his parent’s thoughts but Ultima makes Antonio think about what he wants to be and not his parents and so he begins to make his own decisions because of what Ultima says.Ultima influences Antonio is by culture and religion. In the story, Ultima talks about how Antonio will find the answers to his questions. Antonio was a very curious kid and had many questions that the called him “inquisitor” because he asked so many questions. Ultima said that he can get his answers by culture and religion. This is an important way of influence because throughout the entire story because he asked so many questions and she said he would find them out using religion and culture.Ultima influenced Antonio in various ways, and these were just some of the three major ways that he got impacted by the most. Antonio was impacted by many other characters in the book Bless Me, Ultima, but Ultima was one of the main characters responsible for influencing Antonio.


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