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Who wants to become an unemployment? And what makes a person was unemployed? Surely everyone proclaims that they do not want to become an idler. They want to seek a lot of money and success. Then, many people try to answer this query about what makes a person being unemployed. In this case, some intriguing answers emerged as the cause of unemployment. There are various causes of unemployment. One of the chief obstacles to an employee is the lack of skills. While the employee start to work in a company, they must have a proper skill or work experience to support their task. It is also possible that the company requires them to have multiple capabilities. Thereby, the company laid off employee because failing to meet the job requirements. Another reason for unemployment is the change of new technology. Nowadays, the technology advance is more modern and useful. Some companies take advantage of these changes to help the job needs. Technology is indispensable to companies as it makes the manual works become automatized. For instance, some companies replace traditional jobs with machines that do not take many employees to work. The company also does not want to keep paying the employees. Finally, sometimes some employees are treated unfairly with one another by their superior or co-workers. Discrimination in employment based on appearance, religion, gender, race, asset, etc., seems like a common thing that takes place in the company. This attitude will make the employees feel uncomfortable with the situation, and it will be disrupted the employee’s mental, such as lack of confidence and concentration, that making someone loses the job. These are simply three reasons why people are unemployed. Not having enough skills was a major problem of the cause of unemployment. As well as the change of technology had a terrible impact on rising unemployment. Furthermore, the treatment of the superior or co-workers is something that is not indisputable on the problem of unemployment. So, if people want to succeed, should avoid being unemployed. 


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