While We will continue to examine the numerous opinions

ethics is defined as a branch of philosophy that defines and recommends
concepts of right and wrong conduct, it is also an ever-changing philosophy of
good and bad and right and wrong.  As the
values of people change, the varying opinions of different groups make defining
moral ethics more complex. The Utilitarian Group, consider actions being
ethical if the result benefits the majority of people. However, there are
Psychological-egoism people who worry only about themselves with little or no concern
for others.  The Determinism Group,
believe everything that has happened in the past would determine the future and
could not be changed. Free-will groups choose freely what is best for them as
determined by the place and time. They are considered to be a free spirit with
their moral ethics.

            As you can see, the diversity of
beliefs are based on individual opinions. 
Many times ethics are determined from the influence of families, race,
gender and political views.  Things that
are seemingly simple moral ethics are still being challenged. Racism, women’s
equality, sexual harassment in the work place, and obeying the law are just a
few of the challenges that are facing our society today. There will always be
challenges.  We will continue to examine
the numerous opinions of moral ethics in an constantly changing world. As we
continue to question our core beliefs, defining right and wrong becomes more
complex. What was once considered to be wrong is now considered to be
acceptable for most of society.  Legalization
of alcohol, abortion, and now, marijuana are just a few examples of the
changing moral ethics.  Women’s rights,
another topic of constant change, are other examples.  Equal pay for women and a more respectful
work environment should not be questioned. 
However, the controversy continues, as women demand a morally ethical

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            It is my opinion that the moral
behavior of people should be based on the behavior of that individual. Moral
ethics should not be based on race, nationality, gender or financial or
political status. There are immoral and unethical people in all walks of life.

Religious Freedom, also should be allowed with understanding and tolerance of
our differences. There is absolutely no place for racism.  We should all be judged on our individual
behavior and be held accountable for those actions whether they are deemed
morally ethical or not.  It is my hope
that as I face these changing ethics that I can contribute positive behavior to
promote this type of understanding.

            While I don’t fall into a particular
philosophy, I am very aware of how I began to develop the decisions I have
chosen for my moral compass.  The first
influence in my life was my amazing family. 
They are very hard working people that live daily examples of humility,
compassion for others, respect and equality for all people.  They taught me that actions have
consequences, both good and bad.  Making
the right choices with patience and perseverance will only lead to a successful
and fulfilling life. The next group of people that influenced my life are
teachers.  Fortunately, I attended an
excellent school system that emphasized the core values that my family had
already instilled. At my high school, I participated in a peer tutoring program
that allowed me to attend Special Education classes to help students that were
unable to help themselves.  This program
changed my life.  The compassion,
patience and desire to “give back” became overwhelming.  This opportunity taught me how important it
is contribute to others and help to make the world a better place. These
special needs students have the same desire to have a purpose and to be loved,
as we all do. With all of our differences, we are very much the same.  These students just require extra help.

            Another huge influence in my life
has been the game of basketball.  It has
been a passion of mine since I was 8 years old. This sport has been more than
just a game to me.  Of course, my passion
included striving to be the best at the game, but being very competitive, you may
be surprised to learn that the experience of the team, the coaches and the
relationships with my teammates are the most rewarding things. My coaches have
made, and continue to make, a significant impact on my life.  It’s not just about winning the game.  It’s about the relationships, grades, morals,
loyalty, compassion and equality.  There
is no color or financial status on a basketball team.  When we put on our uniforms, we are all the
same..  The game of basketball has taught
me time-management, tolerance for different opinions, and the ability to be a
team player while being true to your own moral standards.  Be the example of moral ethics instead of a
follower. I can’t recognize my coaches enough for the lessons that they have
exemplified of high moral standards.  The
amount of devotion they give to the students who play the sport cannot be
learned from a book.

            As I approach graduation with a
degree in Elementary education, I look forward to having the opportunity to
have an impact on my students like my teachers have had on me.  It is important to be an example of moral
ethics to young students who may not see examples in their own home.  Realizing that moral ethics range from no
morals to unattainable expectations, I hope to be that safe place that students
can look to for stability and understanding. 
I hope to influence their compassion to learn with encouragement that
they can achieve their goals.  It is
critical that we teach our students tolerance for others.  I hope to be a part of this change among the
students in our schools.

            Coaching basketball is another
option that I plan to pursue.  This would
be an opportunity to remain close to the game and be an influence on student
athletes.  It would be so rewarding to be
able to share some of the experiences with these students and watch them soak
up the examples that can only be learned from the passion of the game.  It is my wish to show by example and teach by
example, not just the skills of basketball, but the morally ethic lifestyle
that these student athletes need to succeed in life.  I would like to teach them how to overcome
diversity and make positive decisions. I realize that mistakes will be made but
lessons can be learned.

            Nearing the end of my college
experience, I look back with such gratitude and appreciation for the journey I
have experienced.  I recognize that I
have been beyond blessed by the opportunities that I have been given. With
highs and lows of this experience, I am grateful for every single moment.  It has been immeasurable the lessons that I
have learned and will continue to learn. I recognize how important having a
very strong ethical family, with very independent women to show me the example
of making good choices in life, has been. They placed expectations on me that
encouraged me to have those same expectations on myself.  My teachers and coaches taught me about
perservering, honesty, loyalty and compassion to follow my dreams with an
ethical path of humility. I have been so fortunate.  My desire, now, is to “give back”, understanding
that all children will not be afforded the same opportunities in life.  I want to lead by example so that my students
and student athletes can also, follow their dreams with the same passion to
contribute to an ever changing society and be the example for the future.



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