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While I sit back at my desk I take a look at what the world has come to. It is extremely hard to wrap your mind around it. Several things are changing all at once over and over again. I think of it as a ying yang sign, all things exist as inseparable and contradictory concepts. A shadow cannot exist without light. So, the question is, how does that relate to our society? Technology. It has several positive and negative aspects. For starters, technology comes with a full package of everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Are you bored? Play a game, watch a movie, or scroll through social media. Trouble waking up? Set your alarm clock. Traveling with a view? Take a picture. Now a days your phone has billions of uses that will continue to increase through time.  The subject of technology use has become apart of daily life. It runs through the veins of each and every person in society. It is now the fuel that drives our lives.In many ways the internet has made things extremely easier. For example, entertainment and advertising. Movies, songs, and games are clicks away with a few taps. With this advantage it has a huge impact on individuals to move further with creativity and learning experiences. From blogs and articles people are constantly analysing and reading from one subject to another. Creativity has also sprung into play, editing photos and photography is moving forward in the industry conveniently.  On the other hand, because of the popularity of taking photos it can be quite a struggle for many upcoming artists. Back in the day photography and advertising were not right in front of everyone to use so now it is harder to move forward with. Communication, the biggest controversy from technology. We are now able to connect with billions of people from all over the world. This is both a negative and positive aspect, it is fascinating that we are able to simply send a text rather than not having a phone at all. From Facebook, to Twitter, to Snapchat, to Instagram we can share our beliefs, opinions, and facts. In a day like today it is important to have so many people sharing the way they think. It builds diversity and


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