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While the media is entertaining and most people think it’s harmless, there is a link between eating disorders and the media because people are followers, the media lowers your self-confidence, and the models are impossible to look like. People tend to follow the crowd and trends that others are already doing. “Civilization advances by extending the number of operations we can perform without thinking about them.” (English philosopher and mathematician Alfred North Whitehead.) People follow trends that are insane already so if they see diets or exercises that others are doing then they are more likely to follow. This quote by this English philosopher shows that people following other people aren’t a new thing. Followers have been around for years beforehand. People tend to stay in their comfort zone and do what makes them comfortable. If everyone around them is doing the same thing then they would most likely do that one thing that might not make sense or be weird than rather do their own thing that’s different than everyone else’s. “For an individual joining a group, copying the behavior of the majority would then be a sensible, adaptive behavior.” (Julia Coultas, a researcher at the University of Essex.) Copying is a defense mechanism that people do. Instead of doing something that will make them stand out, they do the same thing everyone else does so they blend with the crowd. People follow others in many different ways and have admitted to doing so. No matter how independent someone is or how big someone’s opinions or beliefs are, people are going to follow what they see and what others do. The media lowers others self-confidence. Over 48% of magazines have admitted to using photoshop according to https://groundswell.org. Magazines and models try to tell and show you what ‘pretty’ is supposed to look like. And if that is what everyone sees then everyone is going to try to look like that. How are people supposed to look like that if the models don’t even look like that themselves? They aren’t. Models are impossible to look like because it’s just a bunch of photoshop. According to https://groundswell.org, 80% of females feel insecure after looking at a magazine. We, as people, should help each other feel confident. Not push each other down. How we look isn’t a competition but magazines and reality tv make it seem like so. The media lowers others self-confidence because they focus on nothing but lies.  The media does nothing but put other people against each other. We’ll never look like Victoria Secret Angels or Calvin Klein Models because they don’t look like that either. The media shows many diet instructions. According to https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov, in comparing pressures on women and men, Anderson and DFomenico (1992) showed that women’s magazines contained 10.5 times as many diet promotions as men’s magazines. The need to look good is more forced upon women then it is of men. The diets are worded to make them sound needed. Many people who don’t need to go on diets are on really harsh diets. Only about 10% of people with anorexia and bulimia are male, as said by https://www.anred.com. This goes right along with my first statistic. There are more girls who suffer from an eating disorder because more diet promotions are in women’s magazines. The media shows many diet instructions, thus, people follow them. Many people suffer from eating disorders. One of the many reasons why is because of the diet instructions are shown in the media. Over eight million people, in the U.S alone, have some kind of eating disorder. Eating disorders can lead to more dangerous and life-threatening disorders and implications. These statistics have shown and proven the effect of eating disorders and the media. We need to work on moving forward with our society. We won’t move anywhere if we are focussed on putting each other down and trying to be the definition of perfect.


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