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Which branch of the federal government is most important?The Judicial Branch is the most important because it accompanies the other two branches and oversees them. It reviews laws to see that they are constitutional and lawful. It ensures justice for everyone. They are a very passive branch, but a very effective and powerful one.The Executive branch is headed by the president. The executive branch also consists of the Vice President and the President’s cabinets.  They have missions and advise the president. Government Agencies like the FBI are also considered to be a part of the Executive branch. They are tasked with carrying out and enforcing the laws that have been put out by Congress. But this isn’t the most important branch because by itself it wouldn’t necessarily do what is best for everyone. There is no input from the states in the Executive branch. If we only had the Executive branch, we would be more of a monarchy. That’s why we have the Legislative branch.The Legislative branch is made up of Congress, which has two chambers, the House of Representatives and the Senate. The House is made up of representatives from every state. The number of representatives for each state is based on the population. The Senate has two members from each state and has been given the constitutional right to override the executive branch with a ? vote. They are in charge of making laws for the people to follow and abide. All laws are passed through different commissions in Congress. It then is voted on by all of Congress and sent to the president. This is definitely an important branch but, isn’t the most important because it sometimes might need a check of power based on how constitutional the laws they put out are and how fair it is being. If we only had an Executive Branch and a Legislative Branch, Congress could make laws any way they wanted to and there would be no one able to review and make sure these laws are in accordance with the constitution. That’s why we have the Judicial Branch.The Judicial branch is the most important because it assures a balance between the other branches and fair judgment for everyone. They have the important job of interpreting the law and making sure it is fair and equal. There are three federal court levels in the judicial branch: the District Courts, the Circuit Courts and the highest of them all, the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is made up of 9 members who are appointed by the president and checked by Congress. They make sure a law isn’t unconstitutional. They also make sure a punishment fits the crime according to the law. The Supreme Court has the ability to do a judicial review to ensure the other branches are in accordance and not violating the constitution. If we didn’t have the judicial branch, no one would be there to interpret the law. There would be no one to punish those who break the laws put in place by Congress and enforced by the President.  When the president vetoes a law, it is sent back to Congress and they can override the veto. However, when the Judicial branch decides a law is unconstitutional, Congress cannot override them, and they have to start the process of making a law all over again. This makes judicial branch more powerful than Congress.Even though the president appoints the judges of the supreme court and they are approved by Congress, a judges term is for life, which far succeeds any presidents term. The Judicial Branch has an everyday effect on people and their lives. If not for them, there might still be segregation of public transport, schools, and facilities. One very important case that impacted every child’s life took place in 1954. The Supreme court decided that the Legislature’s mandate of state segregation laws regarding segregation in public schools between black and white students to be unconstitutional. Now because of this salient and crucial decision, students of all color have equal access to educational opportunities. This may be one of the prime examples of the country being positively impacted by the existence of a branch that helps bring equality and uniform judgment to all citizens.The Judicial branch is the most important because it keeps us from being a disorganized government. It protects us from being a country with no bona fide power to tell right from wrong. It keeps our country and government inline and on-task, keeping the scales balanced. The judicial branch takes action to protect the rights of American citizens from being restricted or obstructed. It also admonishes fair and equal punishment for those who are deserving. 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