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Whether or not if someone was telling the truth, they would still end up being accused or placed in jail because of how unfair the world is. In the play The Crucible written by Arthur Miller, it gave us a preview of what it was like living in the 1600s. This play takes place in Salem, Massachusetts. Many of the Salem citizens were accused of practicing witchcraft and were sentenced to death because of what the court said. However, they got no proof. “The Great Fear” is a modern-day version of The Crucible . “The Great Fear” was written by J. Ronald Oakley in the 1900s. Both the story is similar because people were being accused of no proof and were put in jail, sentenced to death even when they are being truthful. What The Crucible is really about is that it focuses on the aspect of the Salem witch trials and how a person can really change or destroy another person life just through lies. The Crucible is based on blaming others and spreading rumors about the innocents without proof. While arguing with Betty, Abigail stated, “Betty, you never say that again! You will never -” (20). Abigail is trying to get the girls in Salem to be on her side. Abigail is trying to cover the truth that she has drank the blood of charm from Elizabeth. While Betty is trying to say that Abigail is lying and never told Hale about it. The girls who were with them during the wood trip were talking, Abigail was in fear because of what she did to Proctor’s wife. “No, no, Abby. That’s done with” (23). Jonh Proctor stated this to Abigail while they are talking and trying to Pham 1 hide, lied about their relationship with each other. For Proctor, Abigail told the truth. However, Abigail decided to not tell the truth about drinking Elizabeth’s blood and that she could die from it. In act two, Hale is trying to prove that Abigail is not trustworthy and he is trying to prove his point that she is lying. In court, Hale was trying to prove Abigail wrong and lying. “Proctor, let you open with me now, for I have a rumor that troubles me. It’s said you hold no belief that there may even be witches in the world. Is that true sir” (73)? Reverand Hale stated this quote hoping both Jonh Proctor and his wife Elizabeth would be truthful to their religion. Hale is hoping to prevent the outcome of them practicing witchcraft. Once Jonh Proctor realizes that things are not going the way as he hopes, he confessed. In act four, “Spite only keeps me silent. It is hard to give a lie to dogs” (143). Jonh Proctor wants to confess because he knows he would die either way. He feels that by admitting, he would feel more true to himself. “The Great Fear” by J. Ronald Oakley was similar to The Crucible because they both explain the bitterness and jealousy towards each other. “Oh, I marvel how such a strong man may let such a sickly wife be -” (24). This shows how jealous Abigail gets. She is jealous because Jonh Proctor is not hers. She is referring Elizabeth is sick and Jonh Proctor does not suit right for Elizabeth. In The Crucible people in Salem were being affected. While “The Great Fear” the world was in hectic. “Damn this village! I confess to God, and God has seen my name on this! It is enough”(149)! Because Mary Warren betrayed Jonh Proctor and accused him, he decided to say the truth out. Jonh Proctor chose death rather than living in this hectic world. By choosing death he can protect his pride and family. “I have here in my hand a list of 205-a list of names that were made known to the Secretary of State as being members of the Communist Party and who nevertheless are still working and shaping policy in the State Department” (201). Pham 2 This shows that McCarthy is accusing 205 members of the Communist Party had access to the Government. However, he got no proof. This situation is similar to The Crucible because the girls in Salem are making untruth stories about the witches. In the fable “The Very Proper Gander” by James Thurber, it is based on spreading rumors, revenge, and false belief. A simple misunderstanding can lead to someone’s leaving their home. Both The Crucible and “The Very Proper Gander” are similar because of they both spread rumors and impeach others. It all begins when a Gander was on his lawn and all of a sudden when someone made a thrilling comment about him. An old hen heard this. This whole story was just a misunderstanding. However, it was twisted to cause lies that would go out of control. The lies were added more each time a new person heard it. In “The Very Proper Gander”, the animals were involved in gossiping and would ruin the life of other people. This is similar to The Crucible because the girls were spreading lies about practicing witchcraft. “There is a very proper gander”. Instead, an old hen misheard it. “They said something about propaganda”. Shortly after she heard it, she went and told her husband and the rumors start spreading. This quote shows us just a simple rumors can change and cause irreversible damage. The Crucible is based off accusing others, gossiping and putting other people live to an end. While “The Great Fear” is not the same as The Crucible but it is similar. They both are similar in the way of accusing others with no proof. Another example would be the fable “The Very Proper Gander”. Just a simple misunderstanding and people being gossip could change someone’s life. These three stories is an example of what a simple word could change someone life and false truth could take the life of a person. 


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