When mean that I need to focus on strategies

When starting this Implicit
Association Test, I had thought of my preference with race to be little to no
automatic preference, but this test proved otherwise. I didn’t expect to be in
the percentage where most people were placed. These results mean that I need to
focus on strategies that deny implicit biases. It also means that even though I
might think of myself as having little to no preference I will have a subconscious
leniency towards a certain race. The study showed that more than fifty percent
of the test takers reported to have little or no preference, but the results
showed that only eighteen percent got those same results after taking the test.
These subconscious preferences can
alter attitudes. They can effect on whether you get treated by certain doctors
or whether you get hired for a job position. Media outlets can have a way of
swaying their audience to associate certain races with certain behaviors. Verbal
and nonverbal communication can play a big part on how people perceive you.
There are people that have made up their mind about certain races because of
previous experiences or from the media outlets and that can usually translate
in a negative or positive way when faced with that race. Their intentions can
also be made very clear when they are biased in an interview or the hiring
process. For example, people act very weary when they see a Muslim at an
airport or when they pass through the security checkpoint they are thoroughly
checked. Perceived evaluations can influence
the things we value and are important to our lives. It can affect whether we
care if we work with certain races and how well we work together. If it’s
absolutely a problem, then it shows what we value. The way we perceive
different races shows what we prioritize and what’s important to have in our
everyday lives.Economic opportunities are limited
by implicit attitudes from employers in the workforce. It makes a difference on
whether you get the job or not. It also makes it difficult to get promoted if
you’re race is subconsciously considered. It can make things a little tense if
they are clearly qualified, but you decide to go with someone else. Not only
are you hurting their feelings, but you can also lose an employee because the
point of having a job is, so you can climb up the chain and improve. A blind
interview can help avoid taking the wrong things into consideration when
hiring. I think actions speak louder than words so if they have an impeccable
resume, an unbiased interview is only fair. Implicit attitudes can sometimes
cause people to be closeminded. People have different opinions on different
religions because they think theirs is the best one. They don’t think to
explore beyond their own religion to really understand other beliefs and views.
They might come to like it better and convert to a different religion that is
more fitting to their beliefs.

It’s likely that when meeting new people,
you tend to lean towards your own race or those who you’ve had good run ins
with. It’s rather difficult starting friendships with those for whom you have
already associated with negative views. These evaluations can matter in the
long run when trying to have professional connections. We can never be sure of
where we will stand in ten years’ time. People always look for how well you can
communicate with them and if there’s implied judgement from the get-go it might
be a little difficult to befriend them. 

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