“When mathematics and science which helped me build confidence.

“When you want something with all
your heart, the entire universe conspires in helping you achieve it” – Paulo

quote strikes a chord in my innermost being when I evaluate the past three and
half years I have spent in college. It is also the faith I carry with me as I
look at what I want to achieve in the next few years. My thirst for expanding
my ken can be quenched only if I specialize in the subject I am interested in.
That is why; I have chosen Engineering Management as my master’s since I am
looking for a degree that will offer me technical as well as managerial
expertise. What I like most about Engineering Management is the universality of
its application. I find the various aspects of engineering management like project
management, industrial economics, operation research and supply chain
management in a technology oriented company very pertinent.

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this as a master’s degree was very well supported by my family especially my
father who is distributor of VINOD COOKWARE (Manufacturers of Stainless Steel
Kitchenware) in Gujarat for 27 years. As I said the universe conspires.

My immediate goal is to get
into a good university, become more technically sound and hone the skills I
acquire and then  join a global company,
wherein I can utilize my knowledge and expose myself to the competitive global
world. Engineering Management degree would be a great value addition at this
point of my career and would be immensely useful for me to achieve my dreams.


school days provided a solid platform in mathematics and science which helped
me build confidence. It also became very clear that a challenging course like
Mechanical Engineering which would test my mathematical ability and suit my
inquisitive nature was made for me.


the past three and a half years of my undergraduate course at Pandit Deendayal
Petroleum University I have enjoyed and loved everything I have done. Of all
the courses that were offered to me, I developed special interest in subjects
like Mathematics, Work design and Measurement, Manufacturing Processes, Optimization
Techniques, Refrigeration and Production and Operation Management. In my final
year at college I am working on project titled “Effect of optimal weld
parameters in the microstructure and mechanical properties of A-TIG of carbon
steel”. In this project I along with my friends are using Taguchi Optimization
Technique to optimize the weld parameters and use those parameters to determine
the mechanical properties of A-TIG welded Carbon Steel. This is a research
oriented experience and I am enjoying it.  


believe it is very important to gain practical experience in order to
appreciate the applications of the subjects. To implement this thought, I
interned at few companies. The first company
is VINOD COOKWARES (Manufacturers of Stainless Steel Kitchenware), Mumbai. I
studied and observed in detail their supply chain, operations planning, product
design and in depth every step of manufacturing from start till finish.

summer internship at ESSAR Steel INDIA Limited in Surat was also an enriching
experience. I learned about Yard Management and Cargo Handling at Ports. I also
got an exposure to pipe mill where I understood various welding processes,
quality control methods, destructive and non-destructive testing methods. I
also presented a paper on the project titled “Investigating Mechanical
Properties of SAW and SMAW Welded Joints and the effect of SMAW-REPAIR of SAW
welded specimen” at conference ICE2CSM2E held at Pune (Paper ID ‘IJMPE-IRAJ-DOI-2911′).

While I
have always strived very hard to do well in academics, I never lost sight of
the fact that it is important to have a well rounded personality. I have always
been an excellent sports person and have actively participated in many sports
events throughout my life. I was part of school volley ball team where we
secured 1st position in inter school competition. I have also participated
in intra college cricket team where we secured 2nd position. I have
always believed in giving back to the society and with this thing in mind I
interned at PLAN foundation, SHIMLA. I participated in community work at
schools for children with special needs and was also involved in Participatory
Rural Appraisal (PRA) process. I also represented my country in Harvard Project
for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) Asia Conference 2015 in Manila,
Philippines. It provided a dynamic forum of exchange on international issues
vital to Asia.     

Experiences are what make life worth living. Thus
began my AIESEC journey along with my undergraduate studies. AIESEC is world’s
largest youth run organization. I was inspired to take up Team Leader role
after being Team Member for one quarter. Leading a team of nine, helping them
learn about the organization and their specific job roles, made my
communication and organizational clarity better. Working in a team was a good
experience, but leading a team was more satisfying. To explore my potential
further I decided to work in core organizing committee for a project and I was
elected as Vice President of EVENTS for project MAGIC. (Make a Globally
Integrated Community). This project hosted 30 international interns from 10
different countries who intended to work for social causes and participate in
clubs of our university of their interest. This position undeniably required
lot of effort, managing my time, building and managing International Relations,
meeting my members’ expectations and at the same time making sure that quality
experience is delivered to interns, but the feeling of being responsible for
teaching, motivating and providing interns with great experience is what makes
it all worth it. My whole journey of working with AIESEC was continuous
learning and development experience.

With a desire to be a part of a more stimulating and challenging
system of education, I believe that your
university will provide the kind of exposure needed to broaden my thinking.
The faculty’s reputation for excellent teaching, challenging coursework and
variety of electives seems just perfect. The universe has conspired again and
as usual I will make utmost efforts to achieve my goals and would strive to add
value to your institution.

With this, I request you to grant me admission in your prestigious


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