When it comes to energy recycle, I think the

 When it comes to energy recycle, I think the last frontier on earth must be plastic. There is a traditional concept for most of people, that plastic is a kind of non-biodegradable material, it takes over hundred years to dissolved into the ground and transfer to new resources which used by human. The special characteristic determined that plastic is an abominable material which can not be buried directly.To put that in to perspective, take a look on recycle standard over the world, here I use steel as a proxy, because that is most common metal in our life. In recent years, recycle rate of steel can be up to probably 90%, which overwhelmingly compared with plastic that less than 5%. Most of them are incinerated or landfill.That predominately because metals are more easy to recycle form other materials or form one another. What is more, they have very different densities, electrical and magnetic properties. They even have different colors, so easily distinguished by human or machines and separated away. However, plastic have overlapping densities over a narrow range. They have either identical or similar electrical and magnetic properties. No wonder people hardly mention about plastic recycle in my country. That’s an absolutely arduous business beyond our imagine.A recycling company founded in US called MBA polymer specialized in recycling durable goods form stream waste and shredder, make impossible dream come true.Compared with the process of producing plastic, recycling would not cost as much oil and does not even break down stream waste into molecules and recombine them. They just use mining approach to extract materials, that reduced the capital cost and saved 80-90% energy.    Their cycling process can be classified as several steps. For example:    Collection, plastics are available in many forms like plastic bag, cloths, furniture.Due to the nature and availability of plastic, it generated a business chain. Tons and tons of waste plastics are collected and sent to a collecting yard in which plasticswould be packed and transported to plastic processing department.     Sorting, actual process started form sorting plastic by their color and size, indeveloping countries, sorting usually done by hand, but that is a really harmful and inefficiency work. Beside, developed countries would make use of magnetic propertyto separate scrap of metals with plastics, then get purer plastics. Last but not least, an industrial machine called air classifier can separate materials by size, shape and density also play an important role in recycling. This kind of machine are commonly employed in mixed large materials with different physical characteristic need to be separated quickly and efficiently. For example, air classification is able to separate some tiny wastepaper and timbering residue form waste stream.Shredding, after sorting plastics, shredder would cut plastics into smaller chunks and pieces, and plastic bottles and containers would be ground and cut into flake. Heavier and lighter plastics flakes would separated by specially designed machine. The shredding helps in ensuring that different grade of plastics will not overlap and mix together in final product. Pureness is an important element after all, especially in business.Cleaning, the plastic flakes or chunks then washed with detergent to remove the remaining contamination which attached on the surface of them. Once the cleaning is complete, the clean flake would pass through specialized equipment that further separate the plastic resin types. Type by type, grade by grade. Finally get dry by moderate heat.Melting, dry flakes can be melted down and reshaped into new mold and granules. Melting process is done under rigidly regulated temperatures, otherwise they are probably to be destroyed.Making pellets, after melting, plastic pieces are then compressed into many tiny pellets. In this state, plastic pellets are ready for reuse or be designed into new products. These product would be sold to other plastic manufacturing companies to be redesigned and be used in making other products.Hence, recycling plastics have many advantages. Above all, it provides a sustainable source of raw materials to manufacturing industry. Once the plastics are recycled, they are sent to manufacturing industries to be redesigned and convert to new shapes. What is more, that really contribute to environmental problem, we all acknowledged that burning waste, especially plastic would generate great mount of harmful gases, but recycling change the conceive, lead the way to a brand-new frontier, refresh imagine of people like plastic is also a kind of resource. Beside, it minimizes the amount of plastic being taken to the ever diminishing landfill sites. Most countries have no choice but designate ares for burying. When they are recycled, these place will subjected less harsh than before and develop their own industry such as agriculture or for human settlement rather than be regarded as rubbish yard. Last but not least, plastic recycling helps in migrating global warming and reduce the pollutionRecycling of materials include plastics required less energy as compared to producing. This saves tons of energy and that energy can be diverted to other field and benefit economy. Also, it will reduce the cost of producing and polish industry chain. For example, company who get benefit form cost of raw material can offer more occupation for people. That handle the employment trouble among society.In summary, any sort of effort aimed at saving the environment is very important and affected a lot. Prior to use of plastic containers by manufacturers, products were packaged. Hence, in order to keep our environment clean, reduce landfills, provide a sustainable plastics to manufacturers, it is necessary to recycle plastics.


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