What that angel yosef told Jesus.What is Shari ah?a).

What happened in the cave?a) While he was meditating, Angel Gabriel told Muhammad that he would be the prophet of Allah.b)He saw carvings in the cave.c)Angel Rafael told Muhammad to be the servant of Allah.d)Allah told Muhammad to stop meditating and tell everyone that he saw AllahWho were the 4 caliphs?a)Qur’an, Zakat, Salat, Mosesb)Muhammad, Allah, Gabriel, Alic)Abu, Bakr, Umar, Uthmand)Shari’ah, Sunni, Jesus, AbrahamWhich event inspired more Arabs to convert to Islam?A) Meccans failed to capture the Muslim city of Medina.B) Muhammad married Khadijah.C) Meccans started a boycott against Muhammad’s followers.D) Muhammad spent time in prayer and meditation.Which of the following was a result of Muhammad’s preaching?A) His followers were persecuted.B) Most Meccans began practicing Islam.C) Muslims began to give up their faith.D) Muhammad changed his teachings.How many times a day are Muslims called to prayer?a) 6b) 1c) 3d) 5What does Qur an and Sunnah mean?a)The Qur’an contains passages that Muslims believe Muhammad received from the angel Gabriel. And Sunnah is is the example that Muhammad set for Muslims during his lifetime.b) The rules of life and physics of the muslim religion.c) Says how to live a peaceful life with no violence.d) Says passages that angel yosef told Jesus.What is Shari ah?a). It guides them in their personal behavior and relationships with others. b) It guides Christian people in their beliefs and individual behavior.c) A book that says all quotes of Muhammad’s lifetime.d) It guides people in their homes to be organized.Why were jews involucrated in the crusades?Because people in that time did not like neither jews nor muslims and tortured them. Because Christians wanted the holy land.Because Muslims and Christians were in war and some Jews come and got into the war. Because Jews were nomads and they entered the holy land and tortured them.What impact did the work of Muslim astronomers have on religious practices?a)It helped Muslims to develop algebra better.b) Helped Muslims know the exact time for prayers and the length of Ramadan.c) Helped the exact time to read the Qur an.d) It told them what pillar did they need to do.How did Muslims provide medical care to peoplea) You needed to travel a lot to get to a hospital.b) Doctors came to their homes.c) Doctors prayed to Allah so the patient could get better.d) Hospital went to the villages to bring them medical care.Spreading of ideas and ways of life isa) Shari ahb) Ramadanc) Diffusiond) DiversityWhich navigational instruments did Muslims adapta) Compass and astrolabeb) Backstaffc) Lead lined) QuadrantThe main purpose of the Crusades was toa) To conquer all the Iberian Peninsula.b) Gain control of Constantinople.c) Make peace among people.d) Gain control of Palestine.What group brought an end to the Byzantine Empire?a) Mongolsb) Ottomansc) Persiansd) VisigothsWhy did Christians do the reconquistaa) Because they wanted to torture all jews.b) Because they wanted to take all europe .c) retake the Iberian Peninsula from the Muslims.d) To conquer all the middle east.Who was Salah al-dina) The one who negotiated a truce with Richard 1 and allowed the muslims to take control of Jerusalem.b) The one who told jews to be in peace with them.c) The one who made a trait for the end of the crusades.d) The person who told Genghis Khan to declare war.


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