What ?ntuition doesn’t sometimes work but mostly it works.

                                              What is the truth in my mind ?

I believe intiution;

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I believe that our instincts leads to a realization of right
and wrong by our emotions.This realization helps us to get deeper in a
particular topic that we have a feeling of right or wrong.

  I think we should
follow our inner voice. Because some people are more intuitive than others is
that they actually listen to their instinctive feeling. And that doesn’t mean
that they ignore their analytical mind and their critical thinking skills;
there’s a difference between using reason as a system of checks and equalize and
using it to talk yourself out of what your intuition knows to be true. If we
are more realistic we can be unhappy when something is very logical. Sometimes
we must listen to our inner voice that can be a leader for us to decide
something on.  Intuative feelings really
important for us

would like to share my anectode which I have had. When I was a student  at secandary school I became very ill and at
the same time there was a very important match that I had to attend , I had to
decide in a short time my innervoice said to me ” You can do it and be a
champion ” I thought my self for a while and I made my decision  so I listened to my inner voice and I attened
the match when I became a champion I was crying . I couldn’t stop my tears
because my inner voice was right I thought logically I wasn’t able to be a
champion. From now on I’am listening to my inner voice. Maybe  the ?ntuition doesn’t sometimes work but
mostly it works.

           Also I
believe the intiuation because I can see who gonna die next day in my dreams.
But this is not happening every day maybe 2 weeks a day. For example I see a
car of the bloods in my dreams then I wake up and  when I open the television, I see some man die
on the television. Maybe it is about prediction but it can connect with

      The affective
experience is the body’s way of reporting you that the decision your analytic
mind came to is at odds with your instinct. Sure, sometimes dreams are not
logical, but they often try to tell us something. Intuation is about your
subconscious, For example If you are wonder and you are asking questions
yourself like ” What will My mom’s reaction about my exam result” , You can
guess this question’s answer. Because you know your Mom and you know her
reaction. Also the second way ; you should emphasis with(for  example) your mom. I mean the science is
clear: intuition is a powerful force of the mind that can help us to make
better choices. 

  Only human being
doesnt have this feeling, other creatures have it too like animals and plant.
The example animal can be dogs. Because dogs can feel that something will
happen good or bad before Earth quakes they can feel it and, they start to bark
to inform the people. It’s inconceivable.Becides the dog the births can feel
what something will happen and they start to fly and chick. And the example of
plant can be shame plants. Because shame plants can feel it too. If something
will happen bad , shame plants closed their leafs it means something will
happen bad events around that plant as soon as possible. But ?f the shame
plants leafs open , this means something will happen good .

            These are
not magical things; these are an intuitive awareness of what other people are
thinking and feeling and your body language and tone of voice effect the
intiuative awareness. It’s more effective form of empathy that helps foster
deep connections with other people. Maybe It is not true to read someones mind
and this makes us unhappy , I believe in the strong of intiution. Sometimes
people can feel other peoples’thoughts and they can decide what they should do.
If people don’t have this feeling and try to think logically ,they can make
mistakes  that are not usefull for us.
The Intuation encouraged people to decide in a short time and live happly. The
truth can make people unhappy  they can
turn inside and no relationship with other people. The Intiution makes people
stronger and braver because they dont think what will happen they only decide
by listenning to their inner voice. The idiosyncrasy of intiution was started
when I was a child. I asked a lot of question to my mom and daddy about it.
They gave me information but I wasn’t setisfied I  read so many articles about it.

           As you see the intuation takes part in our
minds and helps us what we should do or not othervise we always think logically
and not to anything else. So we should usuelly listen to our inner voice








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