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What changes does the Shawshank prison in “The Shawshank Redemption” undergo?Andy Dufresne (played by Tim Robbins) is held accountable for the double homicide of his wife and her supposed lover, whom Andy didn’t know about at the time. He gets sent to Shawshank prison where he served a lifetime sentence, but he established some changes to the prison. Andy sat in his car outside of the man’s house the night of the murders, with an almost empty bottle of whisky, looking into the bedroom window. However he had no intentions of killing anyone nor did he do it, someone else ended up murdering the couple, but the evidence against Dufresne were too convincing for the jury. He ended up getting convicted for the murders and sentenced to a life in prison. In my opinion this goes to show how the justice system is imperfect, convicting sometimes innocent people due to a lack of evidence. The saying “innocent until proven otherwise” didn’t apply to Dufresne when it should have. In some cases it does the opposite: people get convicted but are treated far too leniently, with sentences such as community service for manslaughter or rape (of sometimes multiple victims). Upon arrival at the prison, Dufresne makes use of his profession in banking to make things better for him and his friends. But it didn’t start out well. In the beginning he was often sexually assaulted by the so called “Sisters” since he was seen as prey by the other inmates. It continued like that until he one day made good friends with the officer of the prison by offering him financial advice, since he knew the tax laws, for his divorce. Although this was received as provocative by the officer, the advice was sound, and he listened to Dufresne. Dufresne offered to help on one condition: his working friends would be served cold beer on their break. After that the officer took care of the prison rapists and Dufresnes conditions improved as he continued to do favours for the staff at the prison. I think it was incredibly smart of Andy to use his education and knowledge (since barely anyone who came onto the prison had a high school education) to improve his situation in the prison. It seems like something I’d do myself. The saying that “knowledge is power” is very true in this film; your smarts can make things easier and profitable for you. Andy’s favours go from renovating the prison library to laundering the warden’s money. Although this isn’t explicitly said or mentioned you can see that he is handling the taxes of all the prison staff and the money of the warden’s side businesses. All while using his privileges to plan his own escape. Dufresne had planned his entire escape using everything he could get his hands on, both inside and outside the prison, and masked it as something ordinary. For example: he asked his friend Red (played by Morgan Freeman) to get him a small pickaxe for “cutting and shaping stones”, Red told him that it’d take a thousand years to dig his way with that tiny thing. Little did he know that Andy dug a hole in his cell wall, little by little, in just under 20 years. While Dufresne was laundering money for the warden he filed all the money under the name of a made-up person (an alias), a person that only existed on paper, to later on take that identity when he got out (the name “Andy Dufresne” was no longer used by him to keep himself hidden).This is the part of the film where the viewer’s predictions get thrown out of the window. With clever planning, attention to detail and patience, Dufresne managed to escape a lifetime in prison and set himself up for a peaceful future in Zihuatanejo. I think the escape is the best moment of the film and I personally loved how the movie was setup to make the ending the highlight of the 2 hrs and 20 minutes of run-time. Even though Dufresne’s incarceration was unjust he dealt with it in a peaceful manner. I believe that this is the moral of the story. One should always deal with bad things in such a way that the outcome is favourable and positive.                  


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