We whole lot of sense. Art is used in

     We have always believed that art can
imitates life.  A painter uses a canvas
to paint what they see, a sculptor with stone and a writer with books.  Art always shows what people are going
through no matter if it is bad or good. 
Regardless of the culture you are from there is beauty in art.  There were movements in every culture that
helped create America and to work to where we are today.  We need art to shape our minds and hearts and
also question everything around us including ourselves.  Cultural diversity has and always will be a
big part of the art society bringing together all kinds of people including
women and African Americans and their different ways of art.

     Art has always reflected our society and
it is a tool that is used to show our emotions and feelings towards things
without using words.  As one has said artists
don’t create society they reflect it.  To
understand this concept, we can go way back to prehistoric paintings such as in
caves.  The ancient Greeks and Romans are
no longer around but their works of art are that they left behind.  This was the only way people back then had to
show their way of life and how things were done.  Also, that is the only way we can understand
how they did things back in their time as well. 
You should never underestimate the power that an image may have, there
have been many leaders in the past that use images for a political tool.  Alexander the Great is a great example of
this, he used his face to put on the coins that flooded his empire.  Leaders today all over the world use the same
technique that we humans do not even notice starting with the screen on your
computer to the faces on our money.  The
Feminist Art movement is what embraced the diverse media and the method of
transforming the art world.  Giving women
more opportunity in school and a chance to experiment with performing art.

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     Could you imagine having an imageless
world?  It would be very boring and not
many things would make a whole lot of sense. 
Art is used in so many ways to create our everyday life in society
starting with the simple stop sign we all see on our way to work.  In the 1960’s the Black Arts Movement and The
Chicano art Movement were two very well-known movements that used art to work
towards social justice.  This period had
created an increase in black poetry and music. 
Murals were used in a form of visual art to show and work towards political
goal and challenging stereotypes.  Some
think the value of art is beyond the images the value is deep history in how
art contributed to and affected their society when they were created.  All types of art reveal what has happened in
society and the value the art has had on those issues.  Story telling is something that plays a huge
role in our lives starting from child and continuing as an adult.  This is another way that Art has helped shaped
the world and will continue to do so for years.   A holiday Day of the Dead is a good example
of this when people celebrate the death of those they loved and it all started
from human’s skulls being decorated as portraits. 

     Cultural diversity has always been a big
thing in the world and an important factor. 
The old saying about America being the “melting pot” has worked in the
minds of many for quite some time as it is still the only the solution to our
condition and brings out the concept of the American Dream.  Art came around the middle of the 20th
century and was important not only for the reason of it being the end of the
World War II but also the shift from Europe to America.  Inherited by New York from Paris was modern
art and Abstract Expressionists.  A movement
was unformed art which was a reaction to the predominant style of abstract
painting.  They ignored traditional ways
of painting to bring out the expression of art freedom with experimental
technique and diverse media.  At the turn
of the century women were also able to gain mobility and educational
opportunities.  Schools were excepting
them for the first time and they were able to paint in public places and they
played roles in the expansion of sculpting and photography.  The Feminist Art Movement in the 1970’s
brought diverse media and the method to transform the status of art in the
world.  Women were also given the opportunity
to experience with performing art and conceptual art.

     In my opinion life without art would be
very boring and not too much would make sense. 
We use lots of color and signs in our everyday lives starting from the
time we wake up to the time we go to bed at night.  Starting way back before our time people
would use drawing to show others what needed to be done and how things worked
for them.  Still to this day people use
art to express themselves and give other people something to look at and many
times to make up their own mind about what they see.  It has changed the way of life for many of
years giving people more opportunity and bringing people together as one.  I do believe those that have their heads
stuck on one way and that is the only way have a very hard time seeing art and
its true meaning.  Taking the time to
understand something is not easy for many people but things make so much more
sense when you look at the big picture and all of the potential.  Art will continue to change society for
decades to come and I hope they come up with a way to get more people to stop
and look for the meaning of it instead of walking right passed it and thinking
there is only their way of things. 

     Artist reflect society and its
surroundings some bring joy and some not as much.  Many of us do not even realize how much art is
used in our everyday life starting with what you watch on tv and the things you
read in magazines.  It is all there to get
your attention and make up your mind about many things.  There have been many art movements throughout
time that have changed the lives of all of us, especially women and African
Americans.  Without them taking that step
our lives could be completely different than what they are now.  Cultural diversity is what brings art and
people together and helps with making the changes.  All different cultures come together to
create something beautiful.  If we only
had one way of things I do believe the world would be very boring.  Art has always been a big part of life and
society for many years and it will continue to do so as well and hopefully
bring people together more so than we are now. 
Art gives people something to look at and make an opinion of it. 


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