We We do; Websites We create web pages through

We know that it is important for our customers to have tools and agile equipment that allow them to develop their activity efficiently and effectively, which also results in service and quality to their final customers. For this, we put at your disposal:

We specialize in  custom web projects and development so that we offer online solutions adapting to the needs of our customers.

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We satisfy the specific needs according to the strategic and operative objectives of the client , always giving an integral maintenance.

Servers and storage systems.

Personal computers, laptops, tablets, …

Devices for warehouse management or visits to customers (PDAs, readers, etc).

Printers of different ranges and functionalities.

Different peripherals (monitors, scanners, etc).

Consumables of different brands (original and compatible not recycled).

Office software

With a pre-sale task prior to the study of needs, we design the IT structure, supply equipment, installation services, configuration, start-up and training in its management.

We do;


We create  web pages  through  WordPress , a  free Web 2.0 content manager  that has the most advanced technology. Through some brief guidelines, you can access your website without any problem  and bring your website to life in  a simple way ,  without having to depend on anyone .

Digital marketing

The  Digital Marketing  must be part of all  marketing strategies of your company . At Lemonade Studio, we create  digital campaigns  designed and tailored for each business and each client, since  each company requires a personalized and different strategy .

Social networks

The  Social Media  are online communication platforms where the content is created by the users themselves. Our goal is to get the company to interact with its public in the main social networks  and create communities around the brand.


Graphic design

Having an image that reflects the personality and work of your company is key to  differentiate yourself in the market . We work to create that identity and make it known to the world. We create your  logo  or  corporate identity  and all kinds of unique design elements for you.


We have strategic solutions on infrastructures, to provide greater value and functionality that our customers need CRM , to improve relations with its customers, control the marketing campaigns of its products, offer the highest quality of its after-sales services and control the activity in social networks of your company.

We carry out our work with the utmost professionalism , trying to achieve the best experience for users and the highest profitability for our clients.















Document management , a business software  to accurately organize all the information generated by the activity of your company, encouraging collaboration between the departments themselves and communication with the employee through web portals

Business Intelligence , to make the most of business information and increase the success of business decisions thanks to the simulation of scenarios and the enormous possibilities of analysis

Financial management and advanced Treasury , to control thanks to a financial resources management solution (FRP) the critical financial areas in any company: Treasury, Cash Management and Online Banking.


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