We to further my technical skills in .NET technologies.

are living in era of technological revolution where continuing education is important to stay current with the latest
developments, skills, and new technologies required for our fields. Therefore, I
am intended to keep studying and carry this lifelong learning process. Since my
childhood, I have seen huge developments in computing and I was always eager to
learn about it. Thus, to pursue my interest in computer science, I decided to
study it at undergraduate level.


My undergraduate
education from Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science & Technology
(SZABIST) gave me wide range of practical knowledge and skills that will be useful
when studying at the graduate level. As an undergraduate, I was always
fascinated by programming and solving mathematical problems. I participated in
many speed programming competitions organized at city level, which has improved
my problem solving skills at greater extent. With my strong background in
mathematics, I performed very well in courses regarding discrete mathematics, calculus
and statistics. For my final university dissertation, I worked with team of a
class mate to develop a Semi-Automated Warehousing application, which was
entitled as ‘FlexiHouse’, and the goal of this system was to improve the
efficiency and workflow of warehouse. This project greatly strengthened
my analytical skills by performing analysis on algorithms suitable for
efficient warehousing, and through its practical implementation, it also allowed
me to further my technical skills in .NET technologies.

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with my studies, I commit my time to community servicing work. I am serving as
host teacher in Karimabad Religious Education Center, and had been associated
with Karimabad Scouts Unit as a scout for twelve years. It is a significant accomplishment
for me, as it taught me the fundamental principle of voluntary service, i.e. to
help others regardless of their race, ethnicity and religion.


completing under-graduate studies, I was hired as Software Engineer by company
named as ‘Agilosoft’, where I get a chance to learn and demonstrate skills in
areas of Application development (ASP.NET and WPF) and Databases (Oracle and
SQL server). I also get exposure in Big Data technologies and Machine Learning
which grabs my interest and motivates me to study further in the area of Data
Sciences. While working, I also find that there’s strong demand of Big Data professionals
and Data Scientist in Pakistan, because it is a new field and experts are hard
to find. Hence, studying Master in computer science with courses in big data will
make me an elite professional in my home country.


Canada has a lot to offer me in my
post-graduate education. IT firms across the Pakistan values the alumni from
Canadian universities. I strongly believe that, Canada holds a lot of
importance to education and maintains high quality standard to their education
system.  The pluralistic societies in
Canada allow me to learn about people and their perspective. Therefore, I am
applying to join your MSc in Computer Science program commencing in the fall




The program at University of
Ottawa is
suited for my goal in becoming elite professional. During online search,
I have found that faculties are highly qualified and their research experience
is quite impressive. I believe that, to be associated with these faculties
would give me a great opportunity to broaden my horizons. In addition,
there are many courses are being offered in the areas such as artificial intelligence,
big data, software engineering, computer graphics and networking. While I can
sense that there are still tremendous developments to come in Data Science,
therefore I am determined to study courses in Big Data and Machine learning, which
would provide me with more complete and advanced

The coursework option is essential to build to
understanding and acquire technical skill set. I am confident that,
exposure to such curriculum would increase my knowledge, and add tremendous
value in attaining my professional goals. Also, everything
that I will be studying will transferrable to industry needs in my native
country when I graduate. I see myself making a significant impact on
industries, which are using big data and its various applications, by
converting big data findings into business intelligence, and applying analytics
and machine learning to data.


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