We social processes. This phenomena, called globalization existed for

We are living in a world that interconnects
people and transforming their lives in a way they will become homogeneous
beings bound in the global system. The world in which we are currently belongs
diminish the notion of national border and autonomy of some countries for
achieving economic and technological progress through the complement of global
organizations that deregulates national policies in political, economic and
social processes. This phenomena, called globalization existed for the past two
decades indeed changed the lives of people and enriched the world scientifically and culturally, and
benefited many people economically as well that could eradicated
poverty in the 21st century. (https://www.economist.com/blogs/freeexchange/2013/09/economic-history-1)   

as a process was facilitated by the liberalization of transborder transactions
by the dilution sovereignty and measure of the ease with which, labor, ideas,
capital, technology and profits can move across borders with minimal governmental
interference. (Khan, 2001)
It is also a process co-existence in complex
inter-relationships that can change the nature of social structures such as the
state and the nation but neither the state nor the nation have been replaced. (Coker,2002.)
It accompanied in the way that trade, communications, and even policy
decisions are carried out. This process of increased mobility of goods,
services, labor, technology, and capital throughout the world has permeated and
affected not only regional economies but domestic institutions and politics, as
well. While globalization gives rise to global cooperation, global-local
tensions surface as localities adapt to economic, technological and societal
changes brought about by this process. (Klici,
https://www.academia.edu/1636060/Terrorism_and_Globalization) Globalization,
in this sense is an integral part of humans’ life that is inevitable to live
without, in particular in the progression of industrialization. But, as
globalization gets faster, the opposition increases because it intensified
poverty and inequality specifically in the developing countries in the
predominant Muslim West region of Asia. (Örgün, 2001)
Globalization led to disparity and dissatisfaction of the deprived and the fact
that only developed countries benefitted from its industrial and technological
developments. The
increasing integration of the world and its component states is a result of
technological innovation in terms of the increasing speed and ease and hence
the volume of global communications. This process of integration was
inevitable. Interdependence is the rule of the modern life. The increasing
fragmentation of the world is a result of the rise of the idea of national
self-determination and the virulence of national feeling. (Osiander, 1998:417,
Aksoy, 2002)  Terrorism,
while historically being derived from ideology, religion, nationalism and so
on, has been strengthened by the lack of equality, justice and satisfaction,
and by the anti-globalization all over the world. The progresses in fields of
communication, transportation and technology widened and intensified terrorism.
(Klici, https://www.academia.edu/1636060/Terrorism_and_Globalization) The idea of “Jihad”—localized, ethnic, and
reactionary political forces (including “rogue states”) that involve an
intensification of nationalism and that lead to greater political heterogeneity
throughout the world. (Ritzer, 2008)

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            Globalization intensified terrorism
due to the increase of armed resistance using technology and the idea of
destabilizing the state in the name of their cause (e.g. religion). An armed
rebellion as seen during the Marawi Crisis also has the potential of increasing
investor vulnerability while severely affecting human, private and public
capital. An internal escalation of the rebellion can lead to catastrophic
effects on the financial aid received by the Philippines from the US and EU,
given the concerns these entities might have with a diversion of funds to
defense rather than their utilization for economic development and poverty
alleviation. (Kareparambil, 2017)

            This paper seeks to explain the
rationale of globalization and terrorism and analyzed its relationship by
tracking its origin through research articles and other sources. Also, it wants
to pursue the connection to the occurrence of Maute-ISIS in the Philippines
particularly their participation in the Marawi siege and how this armed
conflict end.


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