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We all are aware from this fact that trees produces oxygen and observes carbon dioxide, the climate of Pakistan is affected immensely by the deforestation of plants. Pakistan is in top 10 countries who are affected by the climate change, mostly there is deforestation in those countries who are underdeveloped and have high poverty rate. From the past few years we have seen different types of diseases and smog due to deforestation in our country.Introduction:  In 2014 the kyber paktunkhuwa  government started a new project named as “Billion Tree Tsunami” to plant 1 billion trees in kpk province, to reduce deforestation. The project was started on the advice of Mr. Imran Khan who is the chairman of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf. The Billion tree tsunami project comes under the green growth initiate, the aim of the project is to increase the forestation rate. The government of kpk has won the Bonn challenge by planting 348000 hectors trees.  A total number of 13000 tree nurseries have been planted privately in kpk with the help of kpk government to achieve this goal of planting billion trees. Punjab is the largest province of Pakistan but 40% of the greenery of Pakistan is in KhyberPakhtukhuwa.Distribution of Area:  The billion tree tsunami project is divided into 3 different regions.Region 1 consists of 5 divions of kpkD.I Khan, Banu, Kohat, Peshawar, Mardan Landcover Map of Prominent Division Dera Ismail Khan: (Source: Billion Tree Tsunami Afforestation Project)      LandCover Map of prominent division Peshawar:    (Source: Billion Tree Tsunami Afforestation Project) Region 2 consists of 14 divisionsHaripur, Agror Tanawal, Tor Ghar, Gallies, Siran, Kaghan, Hazara Tribal, Lower Kohistan, Upper Khoistan, Daur Waterland, Kohistan Watershed, Unhar Watershed, Kunhar Water shed and Bunhar Watershed.LandCover Map of prominent division Haripur: (Source: Billion Tree Tsunami Afforestation Project)Region 3 consists 9 divisionsMalakand, Buner, Lower Dir, Swat, Alpuri, Kalam, Upper Dir, Dir Kohsitan, ChitralLand Cover map of prominent Divison Malakand:         (Source: Billion Tree Tsunami Afforestation Project)Source of Income for the locals: Due to the high unemployment rate the timber mafia was cutting trees to fulfill their basic necessities of life, but after the government has started plantation project in kpk they have imposed heavy fines on cutting trees in return the government of kyber pakutunkwa has created jobs for approximately 5 lakh locals, which has immensely reduced the rate of deforestation. More importantly the plantation project is promoting tourism in kpk also, due to the lush green valleys in kpk the local and foreigns are coming to kpk to see the beautiful greenery. WWF: World Wide Life Fund and World Economic Forum praises this initiative by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa of planting 1 billion trees, WWF Pakistan officials says that this type of project should be started in all over Pakistan, it will reduces the rate of natural disasters and will change the climate of Pakistan.According to the officials of the Kpk government the total cost of billion tree tsunami Is Rs 15 Billion, the nurseries planted in the province are producing more than hundreds of thousands small plants for the afforestation project 40% of the plants planted in the billion tree tsunami project are produced by the nurseries other 60% are produced by natural regeneration process. More over the people of the province are becoming aware from the fact that how much important these trees are from them.


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