We, of learning experiences rather than depending on the

We, BSCS-4B, are
considered 21st Century Learner and belong to the Millennial Age. The
adaptation of technology brings learning more enhanced and changes constantly.
We are capable of doing things more globally, learner-driven, and centralized.
There is a rapid immersion of self learning as an interactive and collaborative
way of learning experiences rather than depending on the teacher. Preferably,
the innovation of technology makes us computer literate, multimedia-driven, and
active on application based systems in order for us to learn hands on practices.
We construct ideas more creative and imaginative beyond our limitations.  As much, we connect people interactively by
using social media and World Wide Web as a platform for sharing of ideas and
building bridges towards the continuous and unending experiential learning.  What we are today is because of the
advancement of technology and innovation of learning systems. Though technology
has innovated so far, we, the 21st Century Learners must know the
advantages and disadvantages of using technology to our present lives and for
the next generation.

Today, as the
technology arises, modernized ways are being implemented to everyday lives
especially to the learning systems. New opportunities have been acquired to the
learning process but merely the question is – are there still some Traditional
Learners? For me, Traditional Learners usually takes place within the four
corners of the classroom with the proper guidance and instructions of teachers.
They might be text-centered in a way that they used printed materials like
books from the library. More often, they just sit and get learning from the
discussion and sharing of knowledge from the teacher. They are pen/paper driven
and ignorantly to the modernization of the world just like the way they use
modern technologies.  Let us admit it
that we started as a Traditional Learner back to our past.  But, today, we are now adapted new technology
in our daily lives. Some might say that Traditional Learners are kind of
boring. But, it is not about the boredom itself but it is about the Learning
enhanced in their minds regardless the traditional way of teaching. 

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