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We are living in a modern technology that change
our lives in different ways. The science
fiction of 20th century will become the reality of modern generation. Those laser lights, concept of time travel and teleportation and
even robots like humans that can understand the society. Nothing is impossible. With the help of
technology, everything will be easy. It all started from the
discovery of electricity, invention of telephones and creation of computers. The starting era of modern society.
One of the things that is still developing is Artificial
Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is an intelligence that can be
understood by machines. It acts like a
human which copies the cognitive
function of a person. It can understand, analyze and interpret data. They
say that this technology is not yet developed but as we can see from the news, it has grown too fast.
There’s this robot named “Sophia” which became so popular last year. Why? It is just the first robot which have full citizenship in Saudi Arabia. It was created by Hanson Robotics. Sophia is
considered to be one of the advanced robots in the field of robotics. It has deep learning platform which can recognize faces and understand human speech.
This AI is one of the mainstream ideas of the modern time. It has still been developing until now. According
to the latest report of the White House on AI, machines after 20 years will be
able to exceed human performance. This means that it can replace people to do their jobs. One of the forms of AI is weak artificial
intelligence also called as narrow AI. It focuses only on a specific task programmed to it
that can be used in medical, agricultural and industrial fields.
This technology has four types: Reactive machines, Limited Memory, Theory of Mind and Self-awareness. Reactive machines are those machines
integrated with artificial intelligence. Most of these are
built with sensors and complex programs and calculations.
This technology works based on what it sees. It does not have any memories of the past or
history of what happened. Deep Blue is a great
example. This machine became popular because it
beat Garry Kasparov, an
international chess grandmaster. Deep Blue is
just a program created by a combination of letters and numbers also known as
commands. It just identifies the chess pieces and how it
works. After that, it makes prediction
about the moves that are possible to occur. Then it will decide the best move
that can be derived from the possible moves. This technology is made specifically on a particular task. Since it has a specific function,
it means that it cannot
perform a task beyond their function and its
only weakness is that it can be easily fooled.
Another type of Artificial Intelligence is called Limited Memory. This is mostly applied to self-driving cars. Unlike
Reactive Machines, Limited Memory has the ability to look in the past. It is necessary because it needs to learn the objects and patterns of
a situation. In self-driving cars, it must observe the velocity of different cars
and even road curves. These things are added to the program
of self-driving cars for the car to
decide when and where it will turn and to avoid accidents. But these pieces of information are transient. It is not stored in the memory
storage of the car where it can learn
the different mechanics of driving. According
to experts, creating AI systems that can remember past experiences are
difficult to build. That’s why there are many researches
about this kind of field.
The concept of Theory of Mind divides the machines that were
already built and the machines that are still in the minds of people. This might occur in the next generation because our
technology is not yet developed and this idea is still in
progress. In psychology, the concept of “theory of
mind” is the understanding that humans, creatures and objects have their own emotions and feelings that can change their
behavior. An example of this technology
is the robots we saw on different movies. Robots that have their own thoughts, feelings and
emotions and have the ability to reason and analyze. These robots even interact with people. Some of
these are made to do other peoples’ job.
Self-awareness is the last type of AI technology. AI researchers aim to create machines
that does not only understand emotions and consciousness
but to build machines that have it. A perfect example is Chappie
from the movie “Chappie”. Chappie is
a robot that was created and programmed originally to protect
people just like police. But there’s a scientist who
modified this robot and called it Chappie. Chappie contains artificial
intelligence in which it can learn based from what people do. From the start, Chappie acts like a baby who does
not know everything. But as time goes
by, Chappie learns many things. It has the ability to collect information, analyze
and interpret the data. It does have
emotions and feelings. Chappie was able to pass the
consciousness of a human and transferred it to a robot. But this is too far beyond from our existing technology. Being aware means, you are able to feel
anything and predict someone’s feeling.
This Self-awareness is an extension of Type 3 Artificial Intelligence which is
the Theory of Mind. But to achieve this kind of
technology, we must be able to create first a technology that will utilize
past experiences to create decisions.
Advancement of technology
terrified us. Many of us are wondering what will the future
look like. Is it the future that is surrounded by flying
cars, automated transportation and talking robots? This is not impossible to happen. Even living on Mars is possible to occur in the future. It will only take a matter of time. Everything takes time. We just only need to be
aware of everything because there are new things every day.


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