We could depend on events such as Berlin Fashion

We think that every person could use this
service. People of all ages do care about how they look like and that’s why
they could use personal shopper services. We want to start the business in
Berlin and if it will go good then we will maybe expand to a franchise. That is
the goal. There is no personal shopper franchise in the whole world. Our team
wants to make this business big and international. It is also important to
mention that this business is really influenced by time of the year. For
example, from the beginning of December till the middle of February there are
big sales in Berlin and there are always a lot of tourists. This factor could
influence our business in a better way. If there are more tourists that mean
that we can get more profit from them. It also could depend on events such as
Berlin Fashion Week. A lot of famous people come for such a big event and some
people buy tickets to some fashion shows. Not every person can afford
buying  those tickets, but some of the
visitors do not have their style. And our company could help them look good
during this important event. We think that our price will depend on how the
business will go. In the beginning we do not want to have too high prices. We
are also thinking of to make some discounts for the students who are just
trying to find their own style. There will be no change in the price during
different seasons, which means that clients will always pay the same amount of
money for the service. That might make them more loyal to the company.































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There are some of our competitors:


AL personal shopper
(http://personal-shopper-berlin.net) 300 euro for a shopping tour

Elite style (http://elitestyle.de/personal-shopping/) 50 euros for an hour (minimum 2 hours)

Tina Kramhoeller (http://www.tina-kramhoeller.com) international company, 150 euro per hour

Steven Mills (http://www.personalshopper-berlin.com/index1.html) international company, 200 euro per hour

Luxandor (http://www.luxandor.com), 100 euro per hour

Shopisticated (http://www.shopisticated.de) , 150 euro per hour


First of all we will make a good-looking
web page with the information about personal shoppers. What we figured out when
were visiting all those web pages is that they are not writing about employees
at all. We think it is necessary to show to our clients who are they, where do
they come from, why they are working as a personal shoppers. Also we will have
my web page on the different languages such as German, English, Russian,
Chinese, Turkish and Spanish. It will be easier for the client to find out
information, which they need. We will also have a lot of advertisement in
different hotels. Also as it was said before we will have cheaper prices for a
student. Also all of our employees are going to be 100% professional. And also
we will have personal shoppers who can speak different languages and because of
that we can have a lot of international clients. We think that all of those
could give us a competitive edge. Our clients will also have a lot of benefits
from the service. First of all, we will make everything easier for them,
because personal shopper will speak different languages. If it will be needed
we can also meet our clients in their hotels. Also our employees will be truly
professional. As was said before as employees we will have students from some
fashion universities. They could do this job during their free time.

















Marketing strategy:


The plan here is to firstly create an
official web- page with our service. In the web page will be placed all the
information about the company, prices and contact details. Also there will be
information about company’s employees – about their education, background.
Besides that, Mannka Fashion will be promoted by leaflets on most popular
Berlin streets. It increases the chance that people from different countries
will find out about the company and use this service. As it was said, the
company will have employees who speak different languages. It would be much
easier for consumers to communicate with personal shoppers. Maybe we will also
do a big billboard, but I’m not sure about it.

We also think its could be a good idea if
our company will have some online advertisement in some fashion blogs or
fashion magazines. Nowadays a lot of people are more interested in fashion and
they read different magazines, fashion blogs etc. And we can contact the head
of magazine or blog and we could pay them and they will advertise our company.

Also we are thinking about for to make kind
of discount. For example, if someone will bring a friend, he or she will get
10% off. And if his/her friend will bring one person more that all three of
them will get 25% off.

Mannka company will measure the success of
the marketing strategy and various promotions by how many clients we got. When
they will contact us we will ask them about how do they know about our company.
This will help us to understand which marketing strategy gave the best result.





Business structure and management:


As from the very beginning the company will
not be so big,  we will look after
everything by ourselves. Both our team members will be involved in almost every
position in the company: owner, finance, human resource, secretary and
marketing person. We will also look after the employees and we will tell them
what to do. There are a lot of examples of the business when owner just gave
all responsibilities to another person and in few months the business was over.
We don’t want the same situation. We are the owners of this company and we
should know better how the company should look like.

The web page of us must look attractive and
interesting. It will be divided into several parts: basic information about the
company, employees, portfolio and contact details.


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