Was during his childhood and then it shows the

Was the steel influential Andrew Carnegie a hero? Andrew Carnegie was a Sotland borne, which made him a Immigrant and his parents were also immigrants. Carnegies family wasn´t the wealthiest, they were poor, but they were a little bit above poor and they didn´t really live in bad conditions like other families at the time.

One reason Carnegie was a hero was because he got his family out of the poor lifestyle. In Document 1 it shows the house Carnegie lived during his childhood and then it shows the house he would rarely be in. This shows that Carnegie worked hard to make his family wealthy. This evidence helps explain why Carnegie was a hero to his parents because they are living a life they thought they would not be living , this shows Carnegie was a big factor to the livestyle his parents are living.

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A reason on why carnegie was not a hero was because the workers were treated bad and their working conditions were inhumane and unsafe. On Document 6 it states, that workers were dying in the steel mill, it wasn´t really a safe place and they were paid low wages. This statement shows how workers were mistreated and this showed that Carnegie didn´t care about his workers, but cared about the money. In additionally, document 7 shows that Carnegie workers were working an average of 10 hours a day and wages averaging between 1.30 dollars, which isn´t enough for someone to survive with. This evidence helps explain why Carnegie was not a hero because treatment of workers, low wages, and unsafe working conditions.

A final reason Carnegie was a hero because jis influence of steel helped shape America to the country it is today and because his donations to charity. In Document 5, it shows how many steel mills he owned and Iron minning ores which were all in some part of America. Carnegie owned a Steamship in Pittsburg, had a facility in Ohio, and this shows he had a big influence to the steel in America as we see today. Document 9 has a chart that shows Carnegie donation to eductaion or the community. Carnegie spent 50,365,000 on free public libraries, which totals to 2811 libraries in the USA. Carnegie also, put his money into Unversities forexample like Princeton University he put 400,000 to have a lake made. This evidence helps explain why Carnegie was a hero because he put money into the community and education.

It is true there is another side to the argument. For example he was somewhat of a hero and in other ways he wasn´t. However, in the final analysis Andrew Carnegie was somewhat of a hero and not because he treated his workers bad, but he put money into education and the community.


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