War a head. The war between the United States

War began early in the year of 1898, on February 15. The United states had been determined to continue to support Cuba’s independence and to protect their business interest in Cuba, but would Spain be okay with that? The Spanish American War happens to be a very important part in our history and had a very significant impact on the United States becoming established as a world power. After the United states of America declared war on spain, the United States were the first ones to charge at the Spanish. The fighting began in the philippines Islands. Which became known as the Battle of Manila Bay. This battle took place on May 1, 1898. All of the negative causes had been adding up and the tension was coming to a head. The war between the United States and Spain had just begun on April 25, 1898. This war had not been the longest and not many had died but was still a very important part in our history The war eventually resulted in a common conclusion for both countries. Some representatives from both countries met up in Paris on December 10th, 1989. An agreement had been made and a peace treaty was written up, reviewed  and signed by these important leaders of the United States and Spain. The treaty will have given the United States several states to take over. Without a fight, Guam had been the first to be claimed,  and then the Philippines. Puerto Rico would be claimed shortly after. This became a huge accomplishment towards the United States. Now the United States had grown more powerful and more allies. What were the main Spanish American war causes? The Spanish American war had two main causes, such as the surprise attack on the U.S.S Maine battleship which had caused a mysterious  explosion. Also the large amount of support the Americans gained from  the Cubans and Philippines people that were against  the Spanish Rulers.  I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I The massive explosion of the U.S.S Maine Battleship that occured on February 15, had been one of the most important reasons that resulted in this war. This explosion had caused severe damage and hurt families that lost loved ones. The American battleship called the U.S.S Maine had been sailing nearby the Havana Harbour in the country of Cuba. When out of nowhere there had been an explosion aboard the battleship. Although the U.S.S Maine battleship explosion is a mystery, it did not take long for the people of the United States to start placing blame on the country of Spain. Newspapers had become very popular during this time. Involving articles such as ¨yellow Journalism¨ and the ¨DeLóme Letter¨. The news did not take long to get into a newspaper and out for the public to see. The public was very into the drama and false news these articles were carrying. The U.S.S Maine battleship had been blown in half and had caused two explosions, supposebly by a mine at the moment. Later on the cause had changed to the explosion being due to a coal bunker fire and not actually a Spanish mine. This was concluded by scientist a few years later. The ship was one of the first armored ships and had also been one of the first battleships to be completed. Nearly two hundred and fifty two men were killed and the explosion lasted hours starting at about nine thirty PM and lasted through the night. No one had expected it. The battleship weighed more than six thousand tons and more than two million dollars were spent on materials to build the massive ship. As crazy as the entire mysterious explosion had been there was even more news received years later, in 1911 laying on the floor of Havana Harbor layd the U.S.S Maine battleship and a cofferdam was built around the wreck. Although the U.S.S Maine was a very important cause there had been one other main cause such as United States support of Cuba’s independence. The Cubans were constantly being treated poorly by the Spanish and that had been a major main cause of Cuba wanting their independence. The reason why the United States of America supported the Cubans was for economic and trade reasons. Cuba had been sharing their  Cuba had been a  very slowly growing colony and eventually turned into the world’s leading sugar producer. By the end of the war Cuba had gained their independence from Spanish rule.Can i a Can you believe that a simple newspaper could have been another important cause of war? Yellow journalism began to become popular after the explosion of the U.S.S Maine Battleship had mysteriously blown up in the Havana Harbor in Cuba, the newspaper told the story of the explosion and ¨spiced¨ things up alot. These newspapers could have also possibly filled with some false information just to get people fired up over what was going on. Yellow journalism was a style of writing used in newspaper that blew things out of proportion, it was an important cause that pushed the United States and Spain into war. The DeLóme letter had been written by a New York’s time journalist in February 1898. It had been a private letter written by Enrique Dupuy de Lome, also known as the Spanish minister to the United States. One of the Cuban rebels had took the letter from the Havana post office and leaked it to the newspaper. The letter had been made to criticize president McKinley and referred to him as ¨weak¨ and ¨bitter¨ and full of rude things. The insult the Spanish had on our president had fired them up even more and even embarrassed the Spanish Government. As a conclusion Spain had forfeited and the peace treaty was signed in Paris by both sides such as the United States of America there enemy Spain. The common peace treaty was signed on December 10, 1898. One of the causes included the mysterious explosion of the United States battleship called the U.S.S Maine. This battleship had simply been sailing near the Havana Harbor going to help come Americans and Cubans when out of nowhere the battleship was blown in two. The support the American people had for cuba wanting to gain their independence from Spain, and also the false news the news papers had the people going crazy over such as Yellow journalism and the DeLóme letter that got out of hand and insulted the United States very own president, Mckinley. This letter was rude and referred to the United states president was ¨weak¨. As if they did not have enough problems already. Spain had became embarrassed and war causes began to increase. The battle between Spain and the United States America had been very hectic. This battle against Spain had shown the United States of America that the had the confidence and power to go to war if needed to again. This war had been very significant for both sides but mainly for the United States of America.


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