VALUABLE this point Flexibility and rapidity as key success




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development of client-specific capabilities

highly developed at TCS (ex: development of services especially for one customer)

Rare to be developed at this point

Flexibility and rapidity as key success factors, prevent imitation

– dedicated team, doubled with a geographical support
– the support has a knowledge of the sector
–  existence of “competency centers”
– extension of use of balance scorecard to clients

project management capabilities

a project manager at TCS must have the ability to manage his own resources, and also to create additional capabilities.

According to her, this resource is critical for TCS success : developed to a rare level in the industry

Size of TCS, its leading position plus the scale and complexity of the projects prevent imitation

structured process to develop talents for project managers

learning by doing

Creation of value because of the number and scale of the projects they are working on.

Ability to adapt/drive changes has been underlined several times

Experience of TCS prevent imitation

Stress on flexibility and adaptation to changes

selection of human resources

Depending on background. Technical level of education required. an evaluation process

Not rare but TCS has a first mover advantage

– belonging to the Tata Group allows extended access to such programs and prevent imitation
– screening tests and required level of education
– Continuous education programs


managerial capabilities

TCS is able to attract and retain competent and well-trained managers (internally as well as on the market)

– first-mover advantage
– early identification of leaders
– use of management by objectives

– belonging to the Tata Group prevents imitation
– use of a balance scorecard
– programs of the Tata Group to make leadership grow internally


organizational culture

– employees highly involved in the processes and their implementation
– strong set of cultural values

– an “old group”, rare with values that have a direct impact in an Indian context

– importance of the culture for TCS prevent imitation
– integrity deeply rooted in the culture: difficult to imitate

– attachment of the senior managers to the culture
– structure that insists on flexibility, networking, incentives (ex: financial ones)

organizational reputation

TCS is credited with a very favorable reputation : it was elected best employer in India

want to imply all stakeholders (high market capitalization, as well as one of the highest customer retention rate)

Imitation is not impossible but can only achieved on the long-run because of the advance already taken by TCS

Organization allows it to benefit a maximum of this resource, through high retention rate.


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