Use of CAD and GIS in Civil Engineering Essay

Use of CAD and GIS in Civil Engineering Essay

Ibraheem, A., Hassan, H. & Al-Husain, M. (2012). Integrating ACAD with GIS for civil engineering applications. Journal of Software Engineering and Applications. Vol. 5 (2012) 138-146.

This paper examines the integration of AutoCAD with geographic information systems. The author provides an overview of GIS as a set of intelligent maps, and the authors are examining the possibility of using AutoCAD to design these. There are significant differences between GIS and CAD, one being a database and the other a graphics program. The authors propose working the CAD tools and GIS data. The latter is typically real data, and CAD systems are usually used for future projects. The authors then use examples to illustrate how GIS maps can be created, layering different sets of data over each other. So for example creating a map that outlines different types of data. This is particularly important for civil engineering projects, where maps needs to convey a lot of different information, and that information often lives in different databases. Using GIS technology, data-rich maps can be created to assist with civil engineering work

Ivey, S., Best, M. & Camp, C. (2012). Transforming civil engineering curriculum through GIS integration. American Society for Engineering Education.

This article looks at a project at the University of Memphis engineering program to integrate GIS into its civil engineering education. The objective is to integrate a GIS-enabled design approach into multiple courses, thereby modernizing this education with respect to GIS technology. The paper outlines the approach that the school has taken with respect to this project, such as identifying the courses where this knowledge will be most useful, and then building GIS training into the target courses. A three-year plan is laid out. The article is helpful for its background information, where it explain why this is a valuable tactic, and for helping other faculties conceive of how they will integrate GIS instruction into their civil engineering programs.

Easa, S, Li, S. & Shi, Y. (1998). GIS technology for civil engineering education. Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education and Practice. Vol. 124 (2) 40-47.

This article argues for the need to integrate GIS into civil engineering education. This is written 14 years before the Ivey article, so it shows how long this idea has been out there, and hints at the slow pace of adoption of these concepts within civil engineering education. The authors argue that computers had advanced at this point in time to where they can be used in education. There is an overview of the status of GIS in civil engineering education (now out of date). The authors then outline the education methods that are being used and the infrastructure needs. This provides historical context for the discussion, and can provide insight into some of theā€¦


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