Undeniable of them are killed by their fellow black

Undeniable the black community has faced stereotyping in or
society for over hundreds of years, not only that but it has been rampant. They
maybe from anything associated with gender, occupation, age, and even sexual
preferences. But not all stereotypes are harmful there are some that have a
great demeanor towards the black community. But what happens when stereotype’s
stay within the community for so long that they become oppressed and not
normally handle by the naked eye that has been turned away from it. Yes, that
right black on black crime. This crime is usually show a lack of attention
because of the prejudice of the society. In the black community discrimination,
injustice, prejudice, and crimes against one another are more likely to occur
than any race against us is most likely to occur.


          Black on Black
crimes are the crimes which are committed on African Americans with the
offenders also being African Americans. The African Americans remain more
segregated than any other racial group in the globe. Some of them even
experience what some would call “Residential isolation” (Quillian, 1999).
Studies from the past show that “white flight” the avoidance of the white race
is the main reason that they fall to discrimination. While there are only 12
percent African American living in the united states, 45 percent of the victims
of murder in 2002 also come from them: 91 percent of them are killed by their
fellow black Americans.

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Statistics show that homicides top the list of the leading
causes of death among black men, while suicide in landed on the second notch on
the causes of death among black women aged 15-24(Greaves). These figures or
statistics, of course, are just reflections of social reality. Racial
discrimination, though not as rampant in the past decades still hounds out
society that is a great factor contributing to the crime rate among black

Despite the society’s eventual tolerance on racial
differences, there are still studies that show that whites do not prefer in
places where there are a lot of black Americans living in the same community no
matter the income.  In a research survey conducted,
most white Americans who were asked in the survey said they prefer living in a
community where the population of African American is less then 30 percent.
(Clark) Studies showing the rends of mobility show that neighborhoods or communities
with relatively high populations of black families have the tendency to
collapse population of white families (Quillian 1999). This means that white Americans
tend to move out the place if it is more dominant of the Black American
community. In the long run, these neighborhoods would be dominated fully by
black Americans. Perception on Crime Empirical studies were never enough to ack
up the perception of neighborhood and communities about crime. There is no really
significant number of studies which focus on the black on black crimes. But
then there are two huge factors that are the fore runners of influencing the
perception of a neighborhood towards crime. Especially in higher crime rates.

First is the observable characteristics which is the
neighborhoods racial composition. In the USA for example most communities can
be categorized into either majority blacks or majority whites. Factors like
economic class or income where an individual belong is cannot be based on
physical traits. In “black on Black crimes” the second factor would be the stereotypes
that relate a certain group of people with crime. Furthered that information
that are consistently seen are stereotypes are most likely to be noticed or
remembered by people than those information stereotypes that are usually used
(Robert, Evans, and Fulero 1979). An example of this would be the African
Americans or the blacks who are often associated with rampant crimes known by
all Americans (Devine and Elliot 1995).  stereotypes
may also lead to the growth of the stereotypes which are associating certain
groups of people on committing crimes. This casing media reports would most
likely to focus on news with headlines reporting that are guilty of stereotyping.
These kinds of media reports reinforce the association of crime and race in the
minds of the people or better yet the audience that is targeted. Divergent to
the common notion that racism or discrimination is the main cause of black on
black violence there are a lot of reasons causing the views of such crimes. But
racism and discrimination are not the only reasons that play a major factor.

In the case of the United States of America young black Americans
kids especially those in “mixed racial” communities. Trying to combat black on
black violence is not going to be easily resolved within years. The way towards
the solution of this social problem across America could need many factors. I
could take decades if not more centuries to lower crime rates in the same back community,
but we should not give up of a task that seems impossible.

This fight is not only for African Americans but for all
races. Because everyone is affected by the violence in the black community
weather it could be directed at you or indirectly. There are solutions to lower
the black on black crime some may take as to harsh or near impossible but those
who are really determined to fight or at least give an attempt will be
successful if not now in the future.

A reason in my eyes is that the black community have a low self-esteem,
because as a race growing in the country we have been raised in at a certain
part of time we were demoralized in my opinion causing it easier to commit the
crime in your own race rather to the superior races. We can also help stop the
spread of black violence first starting in our school systems. The usually
history class involves the teaching that Europeans descendants is the race to
beat, that they are the top dog. While all other races are inferior to anything
the Caucasian race has completed.

There are certain problems within our culture or society that
need to be addressed immediately before the plan of lowering crime rates down
of black on black violence. First, I believe in better law enforcement. Not
saying that there are more bad cops then good cops, just less mistakes in the
playing field should be made or could be that the law enforcement has a terrible
reputation for such a good cause. Second, respect should be giving to the black
offender. You see it giving to all other races except for the black community because
of the stereotypes. But we all must realize that they are human just like us. Lastly,
the better community involvement that its not only an issue in the African American
community but to all races it is an issue. If we open about our racial differences,
this can all be a lesson especially to the black community. A society with an open
view is what we are really need. NO PREJJUDCIS, JUDGEMENT, OR STEROTYPES. But first
we must learn that it is 100% okay to help your neighbor. We all need a helping
hand in this world. Don’t be the person who turns a blind eye. Make the difference,
even if it is small.



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