U.S the United States has one of the world’s

U.S Education

education is the one of the top ranked education system in the world. People
from various countries come to United states to get a superior education.  According to Dana Viroreanu “Completing a degree from one of the world’s best
higher-education systems will distinguish you from peers with similar
backgrounds and career experiences. No wonder the United States has one of the
world’s largest international student population, with an international student
population of about 1 million.” (Dana
Vioreanu,2017) One of
the main reason international people choosing US education is that the
education system in United states mainly focuses on practical base education
and its degree is standard, acknowledgement and accreditation all over the
world so, due to that United states has a higher number of international
students around the world. Furthermore, United states is the land of career
opportunities and skills. Dana Vioreanu States “Approximately, fifty percent of
the world’s top 50 universities are located in U.S, due to small class sizes,
highly accredited professors, and advanced technology and research capabilities”.
(Dana Vioreanu, 2017). Due to the advanced technology, small class sizes and
highly qualified professor, the students are having a quality education and
better opportunities in high schools and colleges. Moreover, another good thing
about American education is it always helps to maintained multicultural
environment.  For example, Students from
different country such as England, Poland, India, Nepal and many more come to
U.S for education and they always respect and support cultural diversity and
helps to organized various cultural and social programs. U.S education wants to
develop structure and strong methodology towards education and needs to address
the increase in technology, reason behind failing of education and bullying in
the education system too.

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trends in US education in k-12 these days have change rapidly in technology.
Student are generating new creativity and new idea in education and using the
advance technology, internet and social media as a learning tools. Technology
in classroom helps the students to share their thoughts and ideas and connect
the students with new learning process in the effective ways. Due to technology
in the classroom students get opportunity to discuss and interaction with their
other classmates. Danny Mareco states, “Using technology in the classroom gives
teachers and other faculty member the opportunity to develop their student’s
digital citizenship skills. It’s one thing to use mobile devices, it’s a
completely other thing to know how to use them correctly and responsible.”
(Danny Mareco 2017). Most students use mobile, smartphones, laptop to play and
learn from their childhood. And if teachers focus student how to use technology
then, students can develop their digital citizen skills correctly and

is one of the trends of technology for k-12 students in classroom. The
development of the internet technologies has a many significant for k-12
student. K-12 students are using internet and social media as an important
learning device. And research proved that accesses use of internet helps
student to be positive towards education and it also helps them to develop a
knowledge and skills. One of the factor for American education is eLearning.
K-12 students in America are having very learning atmosphere due to the
eLearning. They are using computer applications, video for homework, and online
sources for their learning. Increase in the use of computer applications by
k-12 students are major factor. Every American student used laptop and mobile
for their learning. Various researcher believe that used of computer
application and the digital formats for reading are changing the ways of

another technology trends for k-12 students are social media in classroom.
Social media is playing a significant role in education sector. According to Bruce
Hopkins “The technology referred to
transpires just social media technologies such as Facebook, Twitter,
and Snapchat. The technologies that allow these platforms to function are
also one of the driving forces behind the impact of this technology on
education.” (Bruce Hopkins,2017). The important role of
social media is that they connected the students easily and they can contact
each other which help them in their homework assignments, projects, and groups
assignments. For example, they can use video presentation applications such as
skype, google hangouts, or messenger to connect to each other face to face
commination and share their ideas. Social media encourage a student a lot. The
students who are inactive and who do not participate in class can demonstrate
their ideas and thoughts through using social media. And even if they have any
problems in class regarding question they can easily post the question through
social media. In American education, social media help to connects students,
teacher, and parents easily. Teacher can post the site on social media about
class assignment and home assignment which helps parents, teachers and students
to stay on the same page to connect to each other. Bruce Hopkins states “The adoption of social media in everyday life is one of
the driving forces
behind these changing expectations and how social media is changing education.” (Bruce Hopkins,2017).

important technology tending in k-12 education are VR (virtual reality).  Virtual reality is going on debate nowadays
because it is an important improving learning tools in today’s world. The
advantages of virtual reality in classroom is that most of the students are
more active and focus, due to virtual reality in education. Today’s students
are very known with various technologies and play a lot of game. And due to the
virtual reality k-12 students are having a positive impact and they are more
interested in virtual reality rather than books. Many teachers started using
virtual reality in classroom to connect the students with new learning process
in the effective ways. Evgeny Rudenko states, “According to a recent study by Samsung,2% of
teachers are already using VR in their classes, 60% are keep on making it a
part in-class experience, and as many as 83% say that virtual reality may
improve the efficiency of learning.” (Evgeny Rudenko,2017).

             There are many problems and reason due to
which US education is failing. One of the major problem is lack of funding in
education in united states. Lack of funding means less number of facilities,
less staffs and less number of services for students. Education required a huge
amount of funding, so that schools can provide the quality teachers and good
resources to students. In united states education system funding is one of
biggest problems. According to Dwyer Gunn “High-poverty schools also struggle with resources and
funding, which is especially troublesome because low-income students are the
most likely to need higher-quality teachers, after-school tutoring, and other
supplemental services”.
(Dwyer Gunn ,2016). The students from lower
income family are not getting the quality education as the students who have
higher income sources. It is very important that all students should get
quality education whether, they are from higher income or a lower income.
“America’s schools are becoming increasingly more segregated a fact that spells
bad news for students. Schools with a high percentage of lows income students
struggle to attract and retain the qualified teacher.” (Dwyer Gunn, 2016). The
students with low income struggle to have a qualified teacher because teachers
are not paid well, and schools didn’t have plenty of resources to serve the
teacher and students. But the greater funding schools helps students to
achievement in all subject area. They can attract the qualified teacher with
quality level of education more

experience and small class sizes.

school dropout is one of the biggest crisis in United states. Most of the
teenage are facing this problem and there are different reasons why a student’s
dropout from the schools. One of the main reason behind the school’s dropout
are students themselves. They involved in various criminal’s activities like
gangs, drugs and many more. And they make their own wrong decisions which leads
them to school dropout. Alcohol and drugs addiction is one of the major problem
of school’s dropout. In united states, a lot of k-12 students are involving in
alcohol addiction and drug addiction, due which they lose their enthusiasm in
academic performance and other extra activities. Different types of drugs have
their own side effects on students. For, example marijuana is illegal in
California, most of the students in California use marijuana. Marijuana cause short
memory loss and issues on critical thinking; which leads students to poor
academic fulfillment. And the addiction of marijuana also has negative side
effects on health too. Students using marijuana lose their temper and anger
easily and also have some emotional problems in addition.

another reason behind failing of US education is lack of parental involvement.
The lack of parental involvement means, parents who are not involving in
children school activities. For example, not helping children in their
assignments, lack of communication in schools and less participation in school
activities. “The U.S. Department of Education
reports that the rate of parent involvement drops to 55 percent by the time
children reach age 14, and it continues to drop as children progress through
high school.” (Linda Hinkle,2017).  Such kind of problem mostly seen in public
schools. And one the main reasons behind poor performance by students is lack
of attention and involvement by parent in their school activities.

are children first teacher in their life. Children are hoping for more support
and love from their parents. And the lack of parental involvement can have a negative
impact on academic performance. Lack of parent’s interest and encouragement in
a children’s can have negative effects on the children behavior and attitude.
According to Linda Hinkle “Both students and
schools benefit when parents are involved in education. Academic achievement
and standardized test results are higher, students have a more positive
attitude toward school and their behavior is better. Other benefits include
more successful academic programs and schools that are generally more
effective.” (Linda Hinkle 2017). Various research proved that, students perform
better in school’s activities if the parent are more involved.

            One of the
major issues in US education is bullying in school. Bullying means “The U.S.
Department of Health and Human Services defines bullying as repeated, unwanted, aggressive
behavior among school-aged
children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance.” (Claire Zulkey
2017). Bullying including various things like, teasing, hitting, insulting,
religion, sexuality or racing. Most of the bullying takes place in the school
areas mostly. For example, on the school ground, classroom, school bus, in
restroom and many more. There are types of bullying in schools. The common
types of bullying among children is verbal and mental bullying. These bullying
is according to student’s gender, race, culture, sex, and religion. In united
states, sexual harassment of students is also a major topic in today’s world.
Many students are bullying by sexual harassment in schools by teachers and
adults. Similarly, another bullying in United States nowadays is cyber
bullying. These bullying is through internet. For, example, posting the
embarrassing photos of classmate through social media such as Facebook,
Snapchat, or Instagram. These bullying is very popular bullying in schools
because most of the student’s used phones these days and students can directly
access to internet through smart phones. And physical bullying take place in
aged students. Physical bullying includes beating, kicking, punching and
hitting the classmates.

            Moreover, due to bullying in schools
more than 1 million students stay home each year in united states. And there
are a lot of effects of bullying on children in school.  Such as depression, suicide, poor academic
performance. Due to the bullying students are having problem in their academic
performance. Most of the students are unable to focuses on their studies due to
the continuous bullying. According to Tanya Brown “In a 2005 study, UCLA researchers followed a group of middle
school students over a three-year period and recognized a direct correlation
between excessive bullying and poor academic performance. Students who
experienced a high level of bullying throughout the three years had
substantially lower grades than those who experienced a low level of bullying
or were not bullied at all.” (Tanya Brown). Most of the US teens suicide due to
the bullying. Everyday bullying may cause depression to student’s. And many
suicidal children, capture in dangerous behavior, show interest in death,
injure themselves and they show extreme change in behavior. Students who are
bullied continues in schools are afraid, and feel anxious which makes them
difficult to study, focuses and have low self- esteem too.  Students who are bully in schools age, tends
to get in different illegal activities and they might also use drugs and
alcohol due to bullying. Due to bullying they never wants to involve in school
activities and social activities.

To stop the bulling from
school’s parents and teacher should help the students.  Parents should teach their children about
bullying and how to get out of it. They should encourage children with love and
support, help them in making friend, and try to involve in different activities
to save them from the bullying environments. According to Tanya Brown “Speak to
school administrators about your district’s anti-bullying policies and the
methods used to enforce them. If your child is a victim of bullying, encourage
her to stand up for herself without using violence and speak to a school
official about the situation. Contact school administrators and seek
psychological help for your child if she’s the victim of severe bullying.” (Tanya
Brown 2017).

To conclude, even US education
have strong methodology toward education. Government needs to address about the
increase in technology, reason behind failing of education and bullying to
develop the education system in US. In my view, the trends of increase in
technology, is helping the school’s students a lot k-12 students are developing
new creativity new thought and idea using advance technology and they are much
more connected to new learning process in the effective ways. Technology such
as Internet, social media and VR are playing a significant role in the US
education system. Besides that, there is a huge problems due to which US
education is failing. The major problem in US education are lack of funding, school’s
dropout and lack of parental involvement. In my opinion, students from low
income family are not getting the quality education, facilities and other
resources. And, due to lack of funding they are having a poor academic performance.
Most of the k-12 students are dropout from the schools and involves in drugs, alcohol
and other criminal’s activities. All these are due to lack of parental
involvement in their school and other activities. Finally, the major issues in
US education is bullying. Most of the student’s in United States are victims of
bullying. Most of the US teens are in depression and even many of them suicide
due to the bullying. To stop the bullying from schools we should encourage the children
and we should apply the anti-bullying policies.  


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