Two This law suit accused the university of false

            Two KU rowing athletes came forward on allegation of sexual assault against a former KU football player. The two victims’ names are Daisy Tackett and Sarah McClure. Both victims were sexually assaulted in the Jayhawker towers dormitory. Daisy Tackett was the first victim, the attack took place as a freshman in 2014, shortly after her arrival. No report was file at the time but she did mention the attack to her rowing trainer and Sarah McClure after hearing of the incident claim that she was assaulted on August 29, 2015 by the same individual. Later then reported it to Lawrence authorities and KU security. Due to the lack of evidence no arrest or further investigation was made. Due to the allegations the KU football player named Jordan Goldenberg, he was the snapper, he appeared in the first 7 games in 2015 after the allegations he did not play the final 5. He then, to avoid any of the accusation coming after him he decided to transfer to Indiana State University, where he made it onto the roster, even after being accused of sexual assault.

The parents of Daisy Tackett decided to sue the University of Kansas under the Consumer Protection Act. This law suit accused the university of false advertising; that their dorms are safe and secure. Another accusation toward the university was of “omitting material facts about alleged incidents of sexual assaults on the campus in efforts to boost enrollment.” (William,2016)McClure’s sued KU of violating Title IX; creating a hostile educational environment. Both lawsuits claim that the university failed to protect them. Also, that after Tackett reported the assault, she felt that KU didn’t do anything to help her case. Her reporting the attack brought retaliation and even her attacker began to stalker her. Her own coach refused to allow her to travel with her team and threaten to block her transfer. Daisy doesn’t participate in athletics anymore, she couldn’t find a school on the same level that KU offers. Finding another school is a lengthy process and now as a victim she is considering attending a university that doesn’t violate title IV and discriminate victims of sexual assault. She describes that moment “I am trying my best to move forward,” Tackett says. “Describing what my life has been like since that a-hole attacked me is so difficult. I want him to pay for what he did. It’s not right and I will not stop until something is done.”(Axson,2016). As of Sarah McClure she doesn’t participate in athletics anymore her trauma has seriously affect her. Her father describes her as “depressed and despondent” since the alleged assault. (William,2016) She also has a disability which the school has discriminated her for, she suffers of an autoimmune disorder that affects her diet. Since her attack she describes she feels “The constant fear. The cold sweats. A 24-hour reminder of a nightmare playing in her head, hoping to wake up and realize this is not a dream. I am miserable. I have PTSD. I have a support dog. Not only did that coward take away a piece of me, Kansas did as well,” she says. “I couldn’t move. I couldn’t move for days. I cried for days.” (Axon,2016) Her father stated that they’re seeking psychiatric help to help Sarah and overcome the trauma. Last month, U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Marten dismissed both cases meaning the same claims can’t be refiled.” KU settled for $395,000. (Shepherd ,2017)

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As Dillenburger (2007) explained that vulnerability as well as the protective factors that are related to becoming a victim of violence are very similar to those of becoming a perpetrator of violence.” (Dillenburger, 2007) In the case of both victims, they both were vulnerable because the perpetrator used that against them to take advantage of them. Especially if alcohol was involved. Many freshman in college are victims of assault because they get involved with the wrong type of people that take advantage of them being naïve and not knowing what is acceptable and what’s not .The type of victimology theory described in this case was the traditional theory which was first discover by Mendelsohn (1963) and Von Hentig(1948)  which studied the vulnerability of victims “Mendelsohn developed the idea of victim precipitation, the notion that victims had an ability,  unconsciously, of being victimized.(Dillenburger, 2007)


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