Traffic for hours, it is a miracle if there

Traffic in Metro Manila is one of the worst
cases of traffic. Wherever we go, there is always traffic. Example, driving to
EDSA will be your worst nightmare, you can get stuck there for hours, it is a
miracle if there is no traffic at EDSA. No matter how big the road is, there
will always be traffic. For example, NLEX and SLEX are called super highways,
the road consists of 3-5 lanes, even though it is big, traffic builds up there
due to reckless and ignorant drivers.


do we have traffic? According to the ABS-CBN News Website, roads, vehicles,
people, and institutions are the top four problems of causing traffic. People
who get stuck in traffic usually get impatient, when they do, they tend to force
their car to go first, because of that traffic usually gets worse. Another
reason is our roads. Lots of our roads today are mostly under construction. Due
to this, roads gets smaller, and causes merging of cars that makes the movement
slow. Vehicles, there are so much vehicles on the road. People start to rely on
their personal vehicle due to the problems of our transportation system.

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Institution, based on the news video on the website of GMA, it reported that
our enforcers are just asking for money instead of giving a ticket to the
violator, we can see our institution is somewhat corrupt, instead of managing
the traffic some of our enforcers are seen on the side walk waiting to see
someone to violate. How can we manage the traffic properly? According to the
ABS-CBN Website, Napalang, NCTS (National Center for Transportation Studies)
director, said, “The government should prioritize improving the country’s mass
public transport system, which includes railway and bus rapid transit. It means
our first step to manage the traffic is that we should improve our
transportation system. And we should promote using our public transportation
system, encourage others to walk or use bicycles.” According to the
Finnish Transport Agency, promoting public transport, pedestrian, and bicycle
traffic will improve the attractiveness of these modes, restrain growth in car
traffic, combat climate change and improve the mobility of e.g. children and
the elderly. Another way is we should strengthen the implementation of the law,
there are many violators. The problem is on us, and the solution lies in us, we
should learn to be defensive drivers.

             In conclusion, Traffic
Management in Metro Manila is getting worse and worse by each day,
construction, reckless drivers, broken roads, and etc.  It wastes a lot of time of your day. We should
learn to be a defensive driver, we should promote the use of public
transportation so that we can manage and lessen the traffic properly. Managing
is not an easy job, the problem of traffic is that it lies on us and so does
the solution. We, the drivers, commuters, and pedestrians, are the cause of
traffic, we should learn to walk on the proper pedestrian lane, drive and stay
on the appropriate lane, and wait on the proper waiting station when riding public


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