Today special visions. If needed, he can help in

Today mysterious monsters came to the earth.  They are unable to be seen with human eyes but a 22 year old boy has the power to see these creatures.  This boy’s name is Marcus.  Marcus is a natural fighter and is proficient in most weapons.  In a very short time he has been able to have very special visions.  If needed, he can help in scary situations or if anyone is in need of guidance he can help.  Marcus’s main mission is to destroy all evil creatures that terrorize the mortal world.  It does not matter where ever they may be, it is his mission to eliminate them.  The story begins in Canada where Marcus had a vision of a creature far North.  This strange thing was turning people into ice.  Marcus tries his very best to get a vision of where the creature might be but that vision never came to him.  Instead he finds a frozen victim and attempts to get the monster by tracking where it went.  Following several slight indents in the snow as well as some broken branches he comes across a cave.  Before entering the cave Marcus begins to examine what he sees inside.  But it is too difficult to see anything that is in this large dome shaped ave.  After a little while he enters the cave quietly.  He walks for a while and eventually comes to a higher level inside the cave and there he finds a bunch of frozen victims.  There is also a large pile of snow taking up most of the space in the center of the cave.  He climbs up to the second level and begins to examine the frozen people.  Suddenly he is loosing his feeting on the icy floor.  He trips and pushes over one of the victims and it falls over the edge.  After that disaster Marcus sits down behind another one of the victims.  He noticed that the large pile of snow in the center of the cave started to tremble and it started to rise with large, long, sharp icicles that looked like fingernails or teeth like an enormous monster with some chilling breath and nothing but blackness for eyes.  Then this crazy monster begins to gather the surrounding victims including the one that fell over the edge.  While the scary monster turned its head to get that one last victim Marcus was able to wipe it out using his miracle sword.  He leaped toward its backside while swinging his sword.  He delivered a devastating slash that left a large cut but it wasn’t enough.  The cut began to disappear as quickly as it was made.  Before the cut completely disappeared Marcus noticed a glowing piece of ice in the center of the monster’s enormous head.  The monster was definitely angry and he swung around and gave a huge swipe at Marcus.  Before the punch landed Marcus leaped in the air and landed on the monster’s arm.  Quickly Marcus ran up the monster’s arm while dodging attacks.  Marcus jumps toward the center of the monster’s chest and lunges forward with his sword and it goes deep into the center of the monster causing it to slowly stop all movement.  Marcus leaps off and he stumbles and falls backward onto the ground.  At that moment he watched as the monster melted into the snow and became another layer of ice in the cave.  Unfortunately the frozen people in the cave were not able to be rescued but at least the monster could not terrorize any more of the citizens. Marcus wished he could have brought those people out with him but as he walked out of the cave he knew he had done a good thing and he was off to find his next monster to slay.


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