To term effect of mental stability with high working

be able to measure the effect of high working pressure on employee
productivity, a quantitative research method has be to conducted. This method
effectively answers “what” and “how” questions because measurements like
frequencies, percentages and relationships uncover behaviors and trends (Goertzen, 2017). Furthermore, one of
the main advantages of quantitative research is that its findings can be
generalized to a specific population, in this case; Amazonians.


type of research will be a survey or questionnaire, this is for a couple of
reasons. First, a survey can easily be filled in online and this makes it a
relatively cheap research method. Second, it can reach a large group of workers
which is valuable for this study, if more workers fill in the survey it gets
easier to generalize the data found. Lastly, the survey can be easily directed
towards specific employees in order to make sure a homogeneous group are
assigned to fill in the survey. In this research the survey can be directed to
all sections and departments of Amazon seen as though they all experience the
high workings pressure. The aim is to get a sample size of about 500, this
should be a sufficient amount of data to come to a general conclusion. Pilot
testing can be utilized to make a draft survey in order to examine if the
survey will be effective.

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participants will asked to answer questions that are based on the amount of
pressure they receive during their work. Questions can also be directed towards
the effect of this pressure on their mental health in order to answer the sub
research questions on the long term effect of mental stability with high
working pressures. Workers will be asked to answer questions according to the
Likert scale that ranges from 1 being “strongly agree” and 5 being “strongly
disagree”. A sample question would be: “Do you feel that work interferes with
your personal life in a negative way”, or: “Do feel like you are being pushed
towards your limitations in a positive way”. The outcome of this survey will
determine if employees of Amazon feel like they are under immense working
pressure and how this affects their productivity.

are several advantages of using a quantitative research method and design. To
begin with, findings can be generalized to a specific population. Because the
data sets are large, findings are representative of Amazon. Furthermore the
standardized approach allows for sharing whilst is also permits future
replications of the study (Goertzen, 2017). It is also a cheap
approach in terms of time and resources.

However, there also some drawbacks to using this method. First, the study will
not identify certain correlation between the two theoretical constructs, only
possible causation. Second, the data does not provide evidence for why the
study group acts, feels or responds in a certain way, only that they do.
Finally, because of the randomized sample group and the inability to have
everyone fill in the survey, it is inevitable that some groups of the company
will be left out.

survey may asks questions that will make some workers uncomfortable answering
them, especially if they feel like they might lose their job if they answer
negatively. In order to ensure that employees answer honestly, it is important
to guarantee full animosity when filling in the survey. The respondents should
feel safe that their information will not be passed on to their superiors and
be used against them, this is the responsibility of the researcher.



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