To start off, self-awareness and introspective are two important

To start
off, self-awareness and introspective are two important characteristics for all
individuals, but mainly for managers. In Webster dictionary, self- awareness is
an awareness of one’s own personality or individuality. Introspective focuses
on one’s own thoughts and feelings (Webster dictionary). In a business,
self-awareness is highly important for a manager as it determine a sufficient
way of accomplishing a task, as well as a leadership style. Furthermore, when a
manage uses self-awareness in their job it allows them to be aware of employee’s
work, as well as help them improve their jobs, so they can perform at a rate
that a manger feels and believe is efficient to get the job done proper and
faster. In continuation, if a manger fails to become self- aware, it can result
in an organization to become inefficient, which can lead to a downwards slope
of an organizations success. After reading the manager’s job, by Henry
Mintzberg, he explains that to determine a good manager they must examine themselves
and how they contribution to their job. This can be displayed in Peter Drucher,
managing oneself as he states, “a person can perform only from strength. One cannot
build performance on weakness, let alone on something one cannot do at all” (Managing
Oneself). This quote explains that manager’s must examine their strengths and weakness
in order to improve oneself. Overall, self-awareness and introspective are
important aspects to a manager, as it helps them improve their job and the


reflection excise response

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are my strengths?
There are quite a few strengths that would make me a good manager. I believe
that my strong area is in the decisional role as I can act fast to resolve
solutions, as well as manage resources. Also, I feel that I have good
communication skills, which is useful when interacting with works. These are
two of the many strength that I have.

do I work?

work in an efficient way where I don’t move onto another task without
completing the current task. Study have shown that working on one assignment at
a time is faster than multitasking. This will result in me completing more task
in a day than other workers.

are my values?
I feel that I have many values to offer, but the main ones are how hard wording
I am, my optimism, and my dedication. To begin, working hard and dedication go
hand in hand with each other. When I perform any task, I work hard to
accomplish it as I never give up. Also, I devote 100% of my time into a task as
I don’t stop for anything until I feel satisfied in my work. Lastly, I have
optimism as I never look and the negative side, but always the positive side of

do I belong?
I belong in the department area of math and business. Since I want to become an
accountant, I must have at least a common sense of knowledge for both math and
business in order to succeed. One area that I know that I don’t belong in is
the science department, as I find it hard to grasp the knowledge.

can I contribute?

can contribute in a variety of way in the department of accounting. Since grade
11 to the present I have been taking accounting, so I feel that I have more than
just the basic knowledge to do well. Also, since I’m majoring in accounting, I can
become a huge asset to a corporation, as I will be able to contribute to their


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