To making any decision. Group consensus and buy-in from

To start off by saying as people we are defined as the decisions that we make and the decisions that we don’t make. Pretty much sums us up. AND when it comes to decision making we don’t see the big picture. There are reasons why we have our own way of making our decisions and one of most is our values. Decision making can be considered as a mirror, a mirror that reflects your values to other people that’s one way we could look at it we make choices, we don’t think about our values but they are implied values that we reflect to the world around us. Another way to think of this is considering decision making as a lens, that sharpens us that brings them to focus to see the choices that we make.

As people we differ and we differ by our values skills and decisions we make those that reflect on us make up our personality.

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From one of the articles I went online that throws more light onto decision making and taught me more about it which Id like to include here

The seven-unique decision-making styles are: Gut Reaction, List Checking, Story Living, Data Driven, Spiritually Guided, Collective Reasoning and Passive Undecided. 

1. Collective ReasoningThey naturally gather a group of opinions before making any decision. Group consensus and buy-in from everyone affected guide each step forward.

2. Data DrivenThey formulate decisions based on hard data, especially numbers. They take time to research, organize and consider before moving forward.

3. Gut ReactionThese decisions-makers rely on feelings to make quick decisions. They don’t mind taking risks and move confidently forward through life.

4. List ApproachThey only move forward after methodically considering the pros and cons of any decision. Their researched lists give them confidence and a pre-planned path for the future.

5. Spiritually GuidedThey make decisions by staying close to God and listening carefully for a clear voice of direction. Prayer, solitude and retreat are their key methods of deciding.

6. Story LivingThey make decisions based on the story they will get to tell afterwards. They want to go new places, try impossible things, and tell the world.

7. Passive UndecidedThey are happy to move forward with almost any decision as long as they do not have to decide. They avoid conflict and decide by following others.

As I went through this I discovered my decisions to 2 or more blends of the above and personally each time I take an important decision I make sure I cross-reference it with people that might have experienced the same because that’s when I get to see the problem from their perspective too which opens doors for more ideas and thoughts. Also, I think people should work together to work on their ideas giving each other inputs on their decisions and moves which automatically creates an environment of encouragement and success even before the final output, inviting their choices into ours just to get the best out of every decision we make


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