To exact sciences and scientific inquiry, as well as

To Whom It May Concern:


                  It is my pleasure to recommend Nika
Sokolova for the Biotechnology MSc programme at Chalmers University of Technology. During her studentship at Odessa National University Nika
has proved herself to be active and initiative, engaging in various student
activities. In particular, she volunteered for several scientific conferences
held at our university, where she showed exceptional responsibility,
mindfulness and organizational skills.

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Nika’s keen interest in science
brought her to my lab to conduct research 2 years before I became her
scientific adviser. Over the time we worked together she demonstrated
perseverance, often being the last person to leave the lab. Her curiosity and
creativity caused her to constantly generate new ideas for her research, which
is now aimed at finishing her thesis.


Throughout her studies she has shown
outstanding academic results. I was responsible for the “Molecular
Genetics of Microorganisms” course she took. Nika clearly has a talent for
exact sciences and scientific inquiry, as well as solid theoretical background
and problem solving skills.


Nika is a highly motivated and
persistent student; being in competitive environment and constantly challenging
herself is essential for her development. I have been able to observe the
effect of her Erasmus+ experience: she came back more confident, enriched with
new knowledge and full of fresh ideas on how to improve our faculty. For
instance, she actively participated in the establishment of Journal Club which
is now flourishing.


Nika has brilliant communication
skills. During discussions she demonstrates oral articulateness and good
analytical ability. Nika also showed good teamwork skills in group assignments,
ready to take responsibility when necessary. She is always enthusiastic about
participating in scientific conferences and seminars, her delivery is clear,
confident and concise; she pays just as much attention to other lecturers’
reports, eager to communicate and dig deeper into their research.


The programme seems to be perfect for
her, since she talks about it with great vigour and enthusiasm. Application of
bio- and nanotechnology in medicine is what she is most excited about, and
pursuing such a programme would definitely boost her career. I am convinced
that with proper knowledge and skills Nika could be one of the pioneers of this
field in Ukraine, where it is at the early stage of development.


Overall, I consider Nika to be both
highly intelligent and socially active; her sharp mind, communication skills
and personal qualities altogether present an enormous potential for her to
actively participate in development of science and society.


I believe Odessa National University
would be extremely proud to have raised an SI grantee; after her study period
she would come back with new knowledge and experience, a prospective young
researcher and teacher, now ready to share her knowledge with others.


Biotechnology and nanotechnology,
which are Nika’s fields of interest, are new to our University; I am convinced
that she could bring some ideas and concepts into the education process. Her
example would encourage other students, exactly like it did after she got the
Erasmus+ grant.


And last but not least, not only is
it important for our University, but also for the country in general. It is
crucial to increase the role of science in Ukraine nowadays, and sharing
knowledge and successful educational concepts might be one of the best ways to
do it.


In my opinion, Nika Sokolova is an
excellent candidate for the scholarship and has my highest recommendation.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any further assistance.


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