To edit the Health and Safety program again and

To develop the construction company’s comprehensive safety and health plan, it isessential to work with OSHA recommended practices, rules and regulations forconstruction. It is also needed to expand and update the below mentioned details indetail as per the specific construction project.Comprehensive safety and health plan for Construction Company1. Prepare, review and edit the Health and safety policy of the company. Print theHealth and Safety policy of the construction company on letterhead. To make it a validdocument, date and signatures of the authorized management is needed.2. Review the entire Health and Safety program and revise it with appropriate clauses toyour own company. This health and safety plan should include below detailsi) Scope of workii) Safety and Emergency Contactsiii) Accident and Incident Investigation procedure and formats.iv) Training plans and recordsv) Occupational Health including details of Medical Services and Emergency MedicalResponsevi) Site Specific Safety Plan which includes Hazard Communication, Housekeeping,specific work and control of Environmental safety guidelines.Each of these items is needed to be in detail including the preventive and correctiveactions.3. By keeping the revised Health and Safety plan as the core program, check how toincorporate other individual programs to the company. These programs includeprograms such as hazard communication program and a confined space program.Revise and analyze these programs according to the scope of the constructioncompany. Add these individual programs as appendixes to the core health and safetyprogram document.4.Add any other item that are not listed in the core health and safety policy but you thinkthat are required to comply with safety standards of your construction project .5. Revise and edit the Health and Safety program again and print it. Submit copies torelevant departments of the company including the site office for review and toimplement the suggested actions to comply with the health and safety program.Appendix: How it should be communicated to the employeesCommunication methods of Health and Safety plan includes below work.First, a signed copy of the health and safety plan should be given to relevantdepartments and sites. All employees should have clear understanding of the safetypractices and guidelines. They should know how to report any violation and to whom toreport. Before starting any work of the site that carries risk for health and safety, theworkers should be given the proper safety instructions.Communication methods include:? induction training? formal training? Display of necessary signs ,notices and posters? Communication through emails, letters and necessary handouts which describethe health and safety requirements and policies? face-to- face communicationIn induction meetings, authorized persons can carry out introduction to company’shealth and safety plan for the construction project. It is also important to make sure thatall the staff members and workers understand the Health and Safety plan andimportance of implementing


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