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 Tired of all the products in hair care walkway promising glossy locks, with no less than 10 chemical ingredients?Then why go anywhere it’s around your kitchen? Uh, confused? Well, of course I am not asking you to microwave your hair with some oil or cream on it. But what I meant is that you can find all the ingredients of a perfect hair spa right here, in your fridge and kitchen. Look no further just pick three everyday ingredients that will get you red-carpet-ready hair, without the price label or the chemicals of the store-credited hair products. I tried one and I want to share it with you all today because it has worked wonders for me!Banana Hair Mask with honey and olive oil Bananas contain plenty of moisture and natural oils and are packed with anti-oxidants, potassium, vitamin A, E, and C, which are essential for maintaining healthy and beautiful hair, banana hair mask puts moisture back into dry locks, whilst strengthening the hair and making it feel and appear super-healthy and hydrated.Magic of three:Banana  tames the dry frizzy hair Honey acts as a natural conditionerolive oil can repair split ends and deep condition your tresses, giving them a gorgeous glowAnother great benefit of olive oil is that it helps maintain colored hair, keeping it vibrant and preventing it from fading too quickly (as a blond-highlighted haired queen, I can confirm this.Here’s what you need:3 bananas (I have long-length hair, so I used 3 bananas)2 teaspoons of honey2 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil-Blender or food processor (I don’t recommend using a fork as an alternative to mash the bananas because the banana chunks won’t wash out completely)How to make your hair go bananas:Pick bananas, put them in a blender, very ripe bananas work best for this recipe. Then, add honey, olive oil, and blend really well. You don’t want any chunks, just smooth paste of creamy consistency. This will make it easier to rinse out.Rub the mask into towel-dried hair.Cover with a shower cap (or anything you can get your hands on)Keep this mask on hair for about 25- 30 minutes. While you’re waiting, I recommend switch on your favorite TV channel and relax with a cup of organic tea – pamper yourself!Wash out with warm water and shampoo. Tips:Don’t let the mask dry completely; else it would be such a task to take it offIf you do not want the banana to stick to your hair: split the banana in half and remove the center black seeds, and then use for the mask.If you have oily scalp and suffer from dandruff then you can add a teaspoonful of lemon juice more to the mixture. Lemon helps remove dandruff and adds shine to hair.Do not try this mask just before a party or some important event As there is a probability of few chunks of banana left in in your hairs if you don’t blend well and then you find it difficult to remove them completely so try this amazing mask at your leisure time so you are not left pulling your hair if something went wrong.The results of using this natural banana hair mask are to die for. It’s easy to prepare and the ingredients required to prepare this pack are easily available at home.Do try this mask and let me know your experience!! 🙂 


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