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Throughout my life, I’ve had multiple opportunities to experience business in a unique way: my family has started and grown many businesses. Within my extended family, we’ve touched almost all of the major industries over the past 40 years: agriculture, construction, insurance, retail, and service. I was able to see and understand the various types of businesses and what it takes to be successful and provide for your family, but what it also means to give back and help out your local community. I started working with my mom at my aunt and uncle’s greenhouse when I was very little, and that was my very first job. After a few years, I was able to start working at my neighbor’s house. He always had work for me to do. I was put in an uncommon situation where I was able to decide what I thought needed to be done, but also work the hours I wanted to. I set up a work schedule for myself and my dad taught me how to bill and what was necessary to include. As I got older, I looked for more places to work to get additional hours because I was capable of doing more. I found two more places where I was put in similar circumstances. I maintained the freedom of deciding when I would work and eventually got into a routine schedule because I had more to do. Through these jobs communication was key because if something would ever break down, I would try to do my best to fix it, and if I couldn’t I would always let my boss know. They would also keep me informed on anything that they needed to have done and what they expected from me. My bosses would also go out of their way to show their appreciation for the hard work that I was doing, and that was something that made my job that much better. Ever since I was young, my parents instilled in me the mindset of saving money, but also giving back to my local community. These things have helped me understand the importance of setting goals that stretch you but are still achievable. They have helped shape my goals and what I hope to see as a Business leader in tomorrow’s society. Communication is always one of the most important things because it makes sure that everybody feels welcome and is on the same page. Through communication, you can recognize people’s achievements and make time for them because they are such an important part, no matter what job they’re in. These goals help stretch people to achieve more, all while creating a better work atmosphere. When a Business leader isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and put in the extra hours, it shows people that they are all in this together, as a community, working for the advancement of society.


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