Through sound on any radios. They bombed and disabled

Western support the Jewish established their home land in Israel but, in the
process, eradicated Palestinians. Israelis fought with and nearly demolished
the Arab military to gain control over valuable land. The Arabs agreed to give
the treasured land in exchange for fighting to be over. Winning the quick Six
Day War against the Arabs raised Israel’s status in the world as a military


Arab-Israeli conflict began when Israel first became a state in 1948. The land
was given to the Israeli government by the United Nations to create a Jewish
state for the displaced European immigrants from World War II. Israel’s neighboring
countries were angered by this because the land was taken from Palestine and
given to make Israel. The Arabs believed this was unfair to relocate or evict Palestinians
when they had no part in displacing the Jews.

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May 1967, Israel celebrated their 19th anniversary of being its own
state; however, the celebrations ceased soon after. In mid-May, the Soviet
Union informed Egypt that Israel had sent troops to invade Syria at the
Israeli-Syrian border. Gamal Abdel Nasser, president of Egypt at the time, sent
around 130,000 Egyptian troops to stop any attempted invasion of Syria rather
than to attack Israel. In the Sinai Peninsula, the UN had peacekeeping forces
that President Nasser ordered be removed. On May 25th, President
Nasser closed the Tiran Straits, which blocked any ships from entering Israel’s
main port.


Egyptian and Arab government were over-confident in the strength of their
military as they celebrated the decisions Nasser had been making towards the
Israeli tensions. However, due to the backing of the United States military and
resources, Israel’s military was much stronger than the supposed larger and
better land of Egypt and of Syria. The Arabs highly underestimated the power and
superiority of the Israeli military.


the occupants of Israel, the press and government compared the Arabs to Hitler,
causing more of an outrage and will to fight towards the Arabs. The comparison
caused memories of the Holocaust to resurface and fueled the hate of Nasser in
Israel. United States president at the time, Lyndon Johnson, feared war because
of America trying to regain their strength after the second world war. He told
both sides not to fire first because he did not want his land to get involved. The
Arab powers feared a US invasion which could completely destroy Egypt and Syria
so they stood down. Surprisingly, Israel performed their well-rehearsed aerial
strike, starting the war.


June 5th: The
First Day of the War


Early in the morning of June 5th,
Israel launched a 200-plane aerial strike on 18 Egyptian air force bases
responding to provocations Egypt had been making. The Air Force flew low to
avoid radar detection and made no sound on any radios. They bombed and disabled
more than 80% of Egypt’s air force on the tarmac, leaving them unable to have
any power in the skies. The Egyptian air force was the strongest in the Arab
world and, without the planes in motion, this was the start of the Arab loss.


After demolishing nearly all of Egypt’s
key to winning the war, Israel offered to not retaliate if Jordan stayed out of
the war. This also meant that Israel would not get to capture the Temple Mount
in Jerusalem or other holy sites Israel had planned to control.  However, Jordan received false information
from Egypt about the bombing of Egypt’s sir force. Egypt claimed they had held
massive, successful attacks inside of Israel and Jordan decided to aid the Arab
army against Israel. Syria and Iraq also joined the War, aiming for oil
refineries and Jewish communities near the Syrian-controlled Golan Heights. To
get back at the Arab alliance, Israel attacked Jordanian, Iraqi, and Syrian air
bases. By the end of the first day, it was starting to become clear that Israel
could easily overpower the Arab team.



June 6th: Israel
Demonstrates Their Power


            After destroying two thirds of the
Egyptian air force, the Israeli Defense Force went in on Egyptian tanks and
troops at the Sinai Peninsula. Israel was able to defeat Egypt in the desert,
despite being outnumbered. After seeing they couldn’t even win a battle they
had an advantage over, Egypt retreated, leaving the Sinai Peninsula for Israel.

Israeli troops positioned themselves on Mount Scopus in Jerusalem to get a good
overlooking viewpoint of the Old City. Once they found out about their
location, Israel could have destroyed Jordanian troops with bombs and
artillery; however, they wanted to preserve the city that held such
significance for the Jewish people. 


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